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Online: AgriTech Digital Innovation Week with Amazon Web Services

This is an event run in partnership with AWS

Seeing is believing with real stories from real customer accelerating transformation with IoT 

This educational webinar series, created in collaboration with Amazon Web Services (AWS), will illustrate how you can use IoT, Machine learning, and big data to drive innovation in agritech. Each morning in a curated session, an AWS expert will guide you through the art of the possible, shared through the experience of real customers using AWS to optimise crop yields, predict equipment failures, improve food traceability, model genomics, and improve worker safety. Following the morning session, you’ll have the opportunity to sign up for a one-on-one session with these AWS experts to ask questions and receive guidance on your own digital journey.

Schedule at a glance: 

Tuesday 10 November – Register for Tuesday here /  9am – 11am AEDT time

  • 11:00-11:45 am – Smart Agriculture: An Introduction to IoT
  • 11:45-12:15 pm – Connecting Agriculture Devices and Equipment
  • 12:30-1:00 pm – How CropX is Transforming Farm Management with Sensors, Big Data, and Analytics

Wednesday 11 November – Register for Wednesday here / 9am – 10am AEDT time

  • 11:00-11:30 am – Seeing is Knowing and Acting: The Rise of Computer Vision in Agritech
  • 11:30-12:00 pm – Computer Vision Tech Talk

Thursday 12 November – Register for Thursday here / 9am – 10am AEDT time

  • 11:00-11:30 am – Automation in Primary Sector Processing
  • 11:30-12:00 pm – Smart Processing: How to Improve Productivity with Industry 4.0

Members-only exclusive: Ask the expert session with AWS – Register today 

See the full schedule at the bottom of page


Rachel Bradshaw, Senior Worldwide  GTM Specialist, AWS IoT

Rachel Bradshaw is a Global Senior Business Development Manager at AWS focused on helping Agriculture customers leverage AWS IoT services. In her current role, Rachel works with customers to create strategies for growing their business and works with partners to build scalable solutions for Agriculture companies. Prior to AWS, Rachel has spent over a decade helping software companies integrate startup solutions into their business, create and execute sales strategy, and manage evaluation and acquisitions.

Karen Hildebrand, WW Tech Leader, Agriculture, AWS 

Karen Hildebrand, PhD, is the Worldwide Tech Lead for Agriculture at AWS. She is a fourth generation farmer with over 15 years of leadership experience at Fortune 500 companies in Data Science and cloud adoption initiatives. Prior to AWS she ran a startup focused on precision agricultural practices and educating the next generation of farmers, and is passionate about closing the gap between producer and technology.

Nathan Pugh, Global Business Development, AgTech, AWS 

Nathan Pugh is the Worldwide Industry Solutions Lead for the AgTech and Mining verticals at AWS. In this role he works with internal service groups and external partners to find solutions that have the potential to scale globally in the Agricultural and Mining sectors. Prior to joining AWS, he was with Trimble for 21 years in a variety of roles. At Trimble, he partnered with multiple early stage companies to bring their solutions to the global Trimble channel. He also leads a global team that acted as business consultants to channel partners ranging from <$1M in revenue to >$100M. He has worked in product and portfolio management for both hardware and software and has a background in Geomatics Engineering which focuses on all things spatially related.

Bridgit Hawkins, Chief Sustainability Officer, CropX NZ 

Regen is the leading provider of decision support services to farmers in New Zealand ( Its suite of products has all been developed to enable farmers to make better decisions which benefit both their farm profitability and environmental sustainability. The business is centered on meeting farmer’s needs first and foremost, using technology as an enabler.

Steffen Merten, Principal Solutions Architect, AWS

Steffen is a Principal Solutions Architect for AWS that has spent the last year supporting Xero’s cloud modernisation, and has recently moved back to his startup roots. Prior to AWS Steffen was Chief Data Officer for Marsello, following five years as an embedded analyst at Palantir. Steffen’s roots are in complex systems analysis with over ten years spent studying both ecological and terrorist systems in the U.S. national security industry throughout the Middle East, South, and Central Asia.

Eitan Dan, General Manager, CropX NZ

Eitan has garnered vast executive managerial experience leading successful largescale projects in areas of IOT, Smart Cities and Homeland security. Eitan holds Master and Bachelor Degrees in Commercial Law from Tel Aviv and Berkeley Universities, an MBA from Polytechnic University NY, and a B.Sc. in Computer Programming.

Jonathan Morgan, Chief Technology Officer, Autogrow

Jonathan is Chief Technology Officer for Autogrow with more than 20 years of commercial expertise in software and integrated technology solutions for customers. Previously he was Ventures VP Engineering at EROAD for NZ, Australia and North America and worked in financial services in the Netherlands for eight years.

Schedule in full:

Tuesday 10 November 

11:00-11:45 amSmart Agriculture: An Introduction to IoT

Speakers: Brendan O’Connell, CEO, AgriTechNZ, Rachel Bradshaw, Senior Worldwide Go To Market Specialist, AWS IoT

Smart farms, smart facilities, smart systems – what does smart really mean? During this session, learn how agriculture companies can use AWS IoT to digitise processes, transform business models, and improve performance and productivity—while decreasing waste and environmental impact.

11:45-12:15 pmConnecting Agriculture Devices and Equipment

Speakers: Rachel Bradshaw, Senior Worldwide Go To Market Specialist, AWS IoT, Jonathan Morgan,  Chief Technology Officer, Autogrow

In this session, learn how to connect your equipment, including industrial farming systems, manufacturing or processing facilities, machinery and vehicles, cameras, wearables, and robots, to the cloud over a variety of network/connectivity protocols so you can gather, process, and analyse IoT data.

12:30-1:00 pm – How CropX is Transforming Farm Management with Sensors, Big Data, and Analytics

Speakers: Eitan Dan, General Manager, CropX NZ, Bridget Hawkins, Chief Sustainability Officer, CropX NZ

CropX combines above-ground data sets with real-time soil data measured by proprietary, in-house-developed soil sensors that transmit the data to a cloud-based platform to be integrated with imaging, weather data, topography and soil texture maps, crop models, and many other data sets. The data is then analyzed by AI-based algorithms to provide insights and automations via the CropX app. With more than 1,200 paying customers and roughly 8,500 installations since its launch in 2017, CropX has demonstrated water savings of over 40% across different crop types, with a 10% yield increase.

Wednesday 11 November

11:00-11:30 amSeeing is Knowing and Acting: The Rise of Computer Vision in Agritech

Speakers: Karen Hildebrand, Worldwide Tech Leader, Agriculture, AWS

In this session, learn how to leverage computer vision and machine learning technologies to monitor livestock, crops, and pests, improve worker safety conditions, and accelerate R&D.

11:30-12:00 pmComputer Vision Tech Talk

Speakers: Steffen Merten, Principal Solutions Architect, AWS

Join AWS Solutions Architects for a computer vision demo using Kiwifruit.

Thursday 12 November

11:00-11:30 am – Automation in Primary Sector Processing

Speakers: Nathan Pugh, Global Business Development,  AgTech, AWS 

In this session, learn how you can implement intelligent solutions to monitor asset conditions in real-time, predict outages and failures before they occur, and enable cold-chain monitoring from processing facilities and packhouses to the end consumer.

11:30-12:00 pmSmart Processing: How to Improve Productivity with Industry 4.0

Speakers: Prashanth Adiraju, Global Segment Leader, Industrial IoT, AWS

In this webinar, learn how the AWS IoT Connected Factory Solution, a purpose-built offering from AWS and AWS Partners, can help unlock data from industrial equipment in processing facilities and packhouses, (such as PLCs and historians) to optimise operations, improve productivity, and increase asset availability.

Registration will give you full access to each day, you can then choose which ones to attend.

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Nov 10 - Nov 13
11:00 am - 1:00 pm
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