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Opportunities for NZ companies in South East Asia

NZRise and NZTech welcome members and friends to networking, drinks and to hear from Mitchell Pham.

Delivering NZ Technologies into Overseas Markets – An ASEAN Case Study Synopsis

New Zealand hi-tech businesses are challenged by lack of capacity for both developing home-grown IP, as well as for delivering the resulting technology solutions into foreign markets.

Tapping into skilled resources in Asia is a good way to expand our development capacity, if Kiwi companies can learn to work effectively with other cultures.

But what about our capacity to deliver what we sell into Asian markets?

For example, ASEAN as a region has been growing in both maturity and appetite for technology from outside.

Vietnam, for instance, is now the largest and fastest-growing digital economy in the region.

How are some Kiwi hi-tech companies working together to both access resources from and deliver solutions to this market, as well as support their business activities across the region?

What are some of the smart ways to accelerate in-market presence & engagement while lowering risk and optimise cost-effectiveness?



Aug 10
4:30 pm - 6:00 pm
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