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Steve Sammartino: The Lessons School Forgot

In his recent book ‘The Lessons School Forgot’, Steve Sammartino has written the instruction manual for hacking your mind and acquiring the skills to take control of your life, career, business and fortune. Come and hear first-hand new insights on changing the way you think and create in the midst of the human technology revolution.

The ‘modern’ schooling system is more than 100 years old. It was designed by wealthy industrialists at the dawn of the industrial revolution to train children in the three R’s (Writing Reading & Arithmetic) so that they could become compliant industrial factory workers.

But the Industrial Age is obsolete. We’re now in the midst of a new revolution driven by technology breakthroughs in a number of fields and characterised by a fusion that is blurring the lines between the physical, digital, and biological spheres.

The industrial revolution changed physical work, with machines and mass-manufacturing replacing human labour. The technology revolution is changing information or left-brain logic work. with AI, machine learning and other technologies set to automate many white-collar jobs. The creative, human input we add on top of this disruptive technology is where tomorrow’s jobs will be.” – Steve Sammartino

How do we take our ‘follower’ school mind-set and swap it out for leadership and creativity?
If we accept that the technology – drones, automated vehicles, AI – is inevitable, what sort of impact might they have on our career choices and business future?
How do we transition our businesses and skill sets to reflect this new dynamic, so that they become more relevant and valuable tomorrow?

Join us for breakfast and networking at 7:30am (we promise there will be coffee), followed by Steve’s keynote and interactive Q&A.

When: Friday 31 August
Time: 8:00am – 9:30am
Cost: $69.00 (Additional fees may apply)
Venue: AUT Auckland – Sir Paul Reeves Building2 Governor Fitzroy Place, CBD, Auckland



Steve Sammartino

Steve Sammartino is an author, futurist, technologist and entrepreneur with an uncanny ability to make sense of how emerging technology applies to any industry. He had his first of many startups at age 12. After completing studies in Economics and Finance at University he worked in multiple Fortune 500 companies including Proctor & Gamble, SAB Miller, Kimberly Clark, Mondelez (Kraft / Cadbury), and WPP.

Steve has launched a number of technology companies and now has multiple advisory board positions in startups utilising disruptive technologies. Steve is heavily involved in the startup scene in Shanghai, China and travels there regularly for business. He has a passion for the culture and speaks Mandarin.

A renowned media commentator on technology and the future, Steve doesn’t just talk the talk – he walks the walk. In 2013 he was involved in building a full-size Lego car that runs on air (crowdfunded on Twitter) and in 2011 he was part of a team that put a toy spaceship into earth orbit – for $2000!

His debut book, The Great Fragmentation is a technology strategy manifesto for the modern age. In 2017 Steve published his highly anticipated second book, The Lessons School Forgot, How to hack your way through the technology revolution.

Steve is a regular on the ABC and provides expert assessment on the rapidly evolving technology sector. He has also been featured on the BBC, The Smithsonian Institute, The Discovery Channel, Mashable, Wired, The LA Times, and The Tonight Show with Jay Leno.