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The AI Forum explores ML ops with Christopher Laing of Qrious and Chris Herrmann from Sportsflare.

Christopher Laing of Qrious and Chris Herrmann of Sportsflare talk ML Ops: What is it? Should everyone do it? How? Which ancient Roman statesman would have done it the best? Join the AI Forum to talk tech during Tech Week.


Guest: Chris Herrmann

Chris Herrmann is an engineer and technology leader with extensive experience in Machine Learning Operations (MLOps). Previously an AI Engineer at Xero, he is the CTO of one of New Zealand’s most dynamic startups, Sportsflare, where, among other things, he is responsible for the technology stack that runs production-grade, cutting-edge AI systems in the ruthless and technically challenging ESports industry.

Host: Christopher Laing

Dr. Christopher Laing is a business leader, technologist, and expert in Artificial Intelligence. He has worked in companies of all sizes, from the coal face of agile startups to executive roles in multinational corporations. He is currently the Director of AI and Data Science at Qrious, New Zealand’s largest firm of data specialists, working to build the New Zealand AI economy.



May 26
2:30 pm - 3:00 pm


New Zealand