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The New Zealand Tech Alliance is a group of independent technology associations from across New Zealand that work together to ensure a strong voice for technology.

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We help to advance the foundations for a successful digital nation including education, connectivity, cybersecurity, digital access and trade. Our research explores the opportunities and impact that technology offers New Zealand.

Other Industry Reports

Tech for Emissions Reduction – A Framework for Aotearoa’s Climate Technology Roadmap

Gain insights into our greener future with Technology for Emissions Reduction – A Framework for Aotearoa’s Climate Technology Roadmap report. The report sheds light on the crucial role of tech in driving emissions reduction efforts and was launched by Hon Simon Watts, Minister of Climate Change at an event in Auckland. The aim of the … Continue reading "Tech for Emissions Reduction – A Framework for Aotearoa’s Climate Technology Roadmap"

Digital Nation Series

PARTNER TOOLKIT | Technology for Emissions Reduction

These resources are available for our channel partners to help promote your support of the Technology for Emissions Reduction – a Framework for Aotearoa’s Climate Technology Roadmap report. On this page you will find: Newsletter copy: New Zealand has a long road to meet its emissions targets, and technology is crucial for a greener future. … Continue reading "PARTNER TOOLKIT | Technology for Emissions Reduction"

Briefing Papers

Incoming Minister Briefing

Working together to help create a safer, more equitable, sustainable and prosperous Aotearoa New Zealand underpinned by good technology. This NZTech briefing paper for incoming Ministers provides a high-level aggregation of the various interactions the NZTech Group currently has across Government and highlights recommendations for action in the immediate and midterm.

Briefing Papers

NZTech Manifesto 2023

NZTech believes there are specific areas the Government should focus on to enable and grow Aotearoa as a Digital Nation. While not an exclusive list, these actions are aligned with the Digital Tech ITP and should be considered by any incoming Government. The manifesto outlines six key areas: • Education • Digital Inclusion • Sustainability … Continue reading "NZTech Manifesto 2023"


Safer Online Services and Media Platforms

NZTech welcomes the opportunity to comment on the Safer Online Services and MediaPlatforms discussion document (Discussion Document) and supports the Government’songoing efforts to foster a safe internet environment for consumers. Our submission focuses on what we consider to be key elements of the proposedframework. These include proposals for regulating content, determining services inscope of the … Continue reading "Safer Online Services and Media Platforms"