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The New Zealand Tech Alliance is a group of independent technology associations from across New Zealand that work together to ensure a strong voice for technology.

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We help to advance the foundations for a successful digital nation including education, connectivity, cybersecurity, digital access and trade. Our research explores the opportunities and impact that technology offers New Zealand.

Briefing Papers

Incoming Minister Briefing

Working together to help create a safer, more equitable, sustainable and prosperous Aotearoa New Zealand underpinned by good technology. This NZTech briefing paper for incoming Ministers provides a high-level aggregation of the various interactions the NZTech Group currently has across Government and highlights recommendations for action in the immediate and midterm.

Briefing Papers

NZTech Manifesto 2023

NZTech believes there are specific areas the Government should focus on to enable and grow Aotearoa as a Digital Nation. While not an exclusive list, these actions are aligned with the Digital Tech ITP and should be considered by any incoming Government. The manifesto outlines six key areas: • Education • Digital Inclusion • Sustainability … Continue reading "NZTech Manifesto 2023"


Safer Online Services and Media Platforms

NZTech welcomes the opportunity to comment on the Safer Online Services and MediaPlatforms discussion document (Discussion Document) and supports the Government’songoing efforts to foster a safe internet environment for consumers. Our submission focuses on what we consider to be key elements of the proposedframework. These include proposals for regulating content, determining services inscope of the … Continue reading "Safer Online Services and Media Platforms"

Annual Reports

NZTech Annual Report 2023

Learn more about NZTech and how it supports the Aotearoa New Zealand tech ecosystem. Prepared by: NZTech – 16 August 2023

Other Industry Reports

Digital Skills for Tomorrow, Today

The latest edition of Digital Skills Aotearoa explores our digital skills landscape, examining challenges and supply opportunities. It issues an urgent call to equip Aotearoa New Zealand’s workforce with skills for the digital age. Report Toolkit Short form copy: The latest edition of Digital Skills Aotearoa explores our digital skills landscape, examining challenges and supply … Continue reading "Digital Skills for Tomorrow, Today"

Other Industry Reports

The New Zealand Tech Sector Key Metrics – 2022

NZTech is a not-for-profit collective impact association with a mission to support a values-led, nationally and internationally connected tech community that is collectively lifting equity, sustainability and prosperity for all in Aotearoa, by creating jobs, export growth and impact through tech for good. We support fact based decision making and every year we aggregate data … Continue reading "The New Zealand Tech Sector Key Metrics – 2022"


Customer and Product Data Bill

NZTech welcomes the opportunity to comment on the Customer and Product Data Bill Exposure Draft. Our submission focuses on certain key aspects of the proposed legislation including consent settings, ethical use of data and accreditation.

NZTech ESG report (1)
Annual Reports

NZTech ESG Report August 2023

NZTech is using the Future-Fit Business Benchmark as a tool to measure and improve the organisation and its impact on people and planet.  The 2023 report shows improvements from the baseline measurement year in 2022. Improvements have been possible due to the introduction of better policies and procedures. Two key recommendations to improve further are … Continue reading "NZTech ESG Report August 2023"