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The New Zealand Tech Alliance is a group of independent technology associations from across New Zealand that work together to ensure a strong voice for technology.

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Maximise your membership: discount for joining multiple communities

Would you like to join more than one NZ Tech Group association or add to your NZTech membership?

To make it easier for organisations that can see alignment with multiple NZTech Group associations a discount structure has been established.

Multi-membership package

Multi-membership packages are available across all membership categories except Start-up and Individuals. The fees for multi-membership are set out in the below table. If you are interested in a multi-membership package please contact us to discuss this in more detail.

A capped offering, where members can select any number of associations to join is provided to major, large, medium and small corporate members; government agencies and universities.

Medium and small SME fees are not capped, each additional association membership is discounted by 80%.

LevelMember CategoryCriteria – NZ RevenuesAnnual FeeMulti-membership fee
AMajor Corporate> $75m$17,500$39,500
BLarge Corporate$50 – 75m$11,500$16,500
CMedium Corporate, Large Govt Agencies, Large Education Agencies$20 – 50m Ministries, Departments, Universities$9,000$12,500
DSmall Corporate, Small Govt Agencies, Small Education Agencies$5 – 20m Small agencies, CRI, Polytechs$3,000$4,000
EMedium SME$1 – 5m$1,100Each additional association $275
FSmall SME<$1m$850Each additional association $215
GStartupNZ-owned, < 3 years AND < $1m$200Each additional association $200

Please note, this package is not available to start ups or individual members.

If you are interested in taking up a multi-membership please contact us.