From Tech Sector to Digital Nation

In June 2016, NZTech released Digital Nation New Zealand, From Tech Sector to Digital Nation.

This research shows that the tech sector is a large contributor to the New Zealand economy – creating many jobs, GDP and exports.  There are over 28,000 companies, employing almost 100,000 people or 5% of the workforce.

These companies created $32b in output in 2015, which generated $16.2b GDP, or 8% of the economy.

The sector also exported $6.3b in 2015, 9% of the country’s exports.  We also found that for every 4% growth in productivity within the tech sector it generates 1% growth in GDP, equal to $2.7b.

This means every dollar invested in growing tech sector productivity brings a $3 ROI.  As a country we are well connected, yet we could gain so much more if our businesses exploited technology further.  For example, companies that make smart use of internet services are 6% more productive than average firms in their sector.  If all firms made better use of internet services, it could potentially lift GDP by $34b.

Industry Reports


From Tech Sector to Digital Nation

An analysis of the impact of the tech sector and technology on the New Zealand economy.

Other NZTech Reports

NZTech has also prepared a number of other topical reports for NZTech Members.


New Zealand’s Economy: Sectors Reports Series

The Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE) reports provide up-to-date information on all the industry sectors that make up the New Zealand economy. They pull together the most recent official economic data (at the time of publication of each report) and discuss the challenges and opportunities that face New Zealand’s industry sectors.


ICT Sector Report 2015

This report profiles New Zealand’s fast growing information technology software and services sector, with a special focus on IT exports. IT software and services exports were valued at $930 million in 2015, and have grown at 14 per cent per annum in the last six years. The report also investigates the increasing digitisation of the New Zealand economy.


The New Zealand Sectors Report

This report provides a comprehensive overview of the economic performance of all the sectors that make up New Zealand’s economy. It includes comparative and sector specific data and commentary on employment, contribution to GDP, exports, productivity, financial performance, innovation, inward and outward direct investment and much more.


Information and Communications Technology Report

The ICT report focuses particularly on the information technology services sub-sector, which has achieved export growth of 10 per cent per annum since 2002.

A number of themes in the ICT sector are highlighted, including: rising investment in the sector; the increasing number of computer systems design firms; strong employment growth, with wages and salaries twice the New Zealand average; four times as many firms investing in research and development than the average for all sectors ; rapidly increasing exports of computer and information services; and more demand for ICT skills across the economy.


High Technology Manufacturing Report

The High Technology Manufacturing report takes an in-depth look into how New Zealand’s high and medium-high technology manufacturing sectors are performing. It covers topics including the growth in the number of firms, employment, recruitment, and how the sector is performing in terms of exports, finance and innovation.

A number of themes in the high technology and medium-high technology sectors are highlighted in the report, including: where our top high technology manufacturers are global leaders, it is because they specialise in niche markets; manufacturers are also increasingly becoming service providers; and manufacturing is going digital – new technologies are changing the structure and competitiveness of manufacturing.




ICT Market in ANZ, 2009

Information and communication technology (ICT) plays an important role in a nation’s economic growth and social development, by improving productivity, communication, and international connectivity. There is an increasing need for statistics on ICT to inform debate and policy on the subject.

Information and Communication Technology in New Zealand and Australia presents a selection of ICT data produced by Statistics New Zealand and the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS). Where possible, adjustments have been made to the data to allow comparisons between the two countries. Where differences still exist (such as population coverage), these are stated. This paper provides data on the sales of ICT goods and services, business use of ICT, and Internet services in both countries.


New Zealand ISP Survey, 2014

The Internet service provider (ISP) Survey provides information on the total number and nature of subscribers who use New Zealand-based ISPs to connect either permanently or regularly to the Internet. This information allows a measurement of the global connectivity of New Zealanders, which is regarded as an important determinant in accelerating economic growth and social wellbeing.

This survey provides a core set of official statistics on Internet service provision. This will help individuals, communities, businesses, and government understand the role of information and communication technology in the economy and society.


Strong connection between ICT and business-growth activities, 2014

New Zealand businesses’ information and communication technology (ICT) use and their participation in growth-related activities are strongly linked. For example, businesses that use the Internet to collect sales orders have higher rates of exporting, innovation, and entering new export markets.

This article paints a picture of the use of ICT in New Zealand businesses – in particular, the relationship between using ICT and carrying out activities that contribute to business growth.



TIN100 Report

This comprehensive report prepared by the Technology Investment Network (TIN) provides an annual analysis of New Zealand’s largest local companies that are globally-focused in the hi-tech manufacturing, biotech and ICT sectors.


Auckland ICT Report

Produced by ATEED, the Auckland regional development agency, this report reviews the dynamic and growing Auckland ICT sector. It includes statistics, case studies and information on doing business in the Auckland ICT sector.


How NZ can create a sustainable high-tech ecosystem

This report from Free Range, discusses how leveraging New Zealand’s world-­ranked livability, coupled with a facilitative regulatory environment might reverse the trend. It presents five key learnings and recommendations.


New Zealand ICT Predictions

This IDC study presents IDC’s predictions regarding the most prominent trends for the entire New Zealand ICT market in 2014. Throughout 2013, IDC has observed and evaluated a broad number of user trends and preferences, key technologies and technological changes, vendor strategies, and the wider economic and regulatory environment. IDC has selected the 10 areas it believes will have a significant impact on the structure and development of the New Zealand ICT market throughout 2014. These top 10 predictions have been selected based on their potential impact on industry dynamics, competition, user demand, and growth.

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