Safer Online Services and Media Platforms

NZTech welcomes the opportunity to comment on the Safer Online Services and MediaPlatforms discussion document (Discussion Document) and supports the Government’songoing efforts to foster a safe internet environment for consumers. Our submission focuses on what we consider to be key elements of the proposedframework. These include proposals for regulating content, determining services inscope of the … Continue reading "Safer Online Services and Media Platforms"

Customer and Product Data Bill

NZTech welcomes the opportunity to comment on the Customer and Product Data Bill Exposure Draft. Our submission focuses on certain key aspects of the proposed legislation including consent settings, ethical use of data and accreditation.

Informing the Strategic Direction of ERP2

NZTech welcomes the Commission’s acknowledgement that targeted investment in climate change within the research, science, innovation and technology system is required. We believe that a key means of meeting these goals is the development by Government, with industry support, of a Technology Roadmap. This recommendation forms the basis of our submission.

Draft Fisheries Industry Transformation Plan

NZTech support’s the Draft ITP’s goals of strengthening environmental performance, improving profitability and productivity, and supporting people and communities. Tech is vital to achieving these goals, and in particular ensuring that the fishing industry remains sustainable. Increasing use of tech and the industry’s constant drive for innovation highlights the need to focus on data standards … Continue reading "Draft Fisheries Industry Transformation Plan"

AI Forum Submission | Pricing agricultural emissions

In November 2022 we provided our submission to the Ministry for the Environment and Ministry for Primary Industries on the Pricing Agricultural Emissions consultation document. Our submission focused on relevant question areas mainly regarding the technical design of farm-level agricultural emissions pricing system, including the data and evidence requirements for emissions reporting. It draws on … Continue reading "AI Forum Submission | Pricing agricultural emissions"

AI Forum Submission | Privacy Regulation of Biometrics in Aotearoa New Zealand: Consultation Paper

The Artificial Intelligence Forum of New Zealand (AI Forum) thanks the Office of the Privacy Commissioner for the opportunity to respond to the Privacy regulation of biometrics in Aotearoa New Zealand: Consultation paper. The use of biometrics can greatly benefit organisations and individuals, providing greater convenience, efficiency and security. In order to build confidence and … Continue reading "AI Forum Submission | Privacy Regulation of Biometrics in Aotearoa New Zealand: Consultation Paper"