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Critical Workers Border Exemption Survey

In response to increasing shortages of digital skills and challenges with accessing these skills locally and via immigration, NZTech undertook a survey to identify current skills needs, work being done to access skills locally and the challenges of accessing digital skills via immigration.

This report provides a summary of the survey results and recommendations for a review of some of the criteria being used by Immigration with respect to assessing technical or specialist skills readily available in New Zealand.

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New Zealand Tech And Innovation Story Summary Insights Report

The New Zealand Tech and Innovation Story (Tech Story) is a marketing initiative designed to deliver a compelling, consistent way of promoting our tech and innovation capabilities. This will help our businesses grow internationally by attracting tech investment, tech talent and growing our tech exports. 

The Discover and Define phases of the refreshed Tech Story have now been completed. The research has included gathering insights from over 600 individuals in the New Zealand and international tech communities to inform key messaging, audience and market relevance, branding, marketing assets and campaign activity. The Summary Insights Report highlights these insights and includes potential themes and messaging for consideration in the development of our Tech Story.

Our tech ecosystem is growing and maturing, but is still young enough to be agile with fresh ideas. Many international investors consider our tech ecosystem as relatively immature and siloed, however it is growing rapidly. While our tech innovators are concerned about scalability, internationally the message is that our strength is quality!  

Throughout the research, several recurring themes emerged including;

  • the continued recognition of New Zealand as an open, stable and trusted economy that is easy to do business with. 
  • New Zealand has a pool of well educated, creative, affordable, diverse talent.
  • a key message from interviewees - ‘do not underestimate the power of lifestyle, inclusion and stabilityin the New Zealand Tech and Innovation Story messaging’. 

Considering these perceptions, the creation of the Tech Story must be as diverse and distinctive as the values perceived by the world and markets being targeted.

Special thanks to our research partner, IDC New Zealand

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Digital ITP Skills Workstream - Draft Report

The Industry Transformation Plan as a whole looks at what we need to do to scale up and transform our sector to lead New Zealand's economic development. This work is being lead by the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE) alongside NZTech.

The Skills Workstream assembled a Steering Group who oversaw the compilation of significant research and data to test assumptions we all make about skills in our sector. The group then undertook a number of hui and other consultation to figure out what we can do about it.

The report is a significant step forward and has found that:

  • The tech industry's "Skills Shortage" is actually more a "Skills Mismatch", in that there's a significant mismatch between the skills available and the skills needed by our industry. It's not just about more people.
  • Our domestic skills pipeline is broken. There are lots of points of failure and no one silver bullet will fix it. But we have a plan.
  • We have an over-reliance on immigration and it's not sustainable. Immigration is extremely important for our industry and for New Zealand, however the current levels - with around 55% of new roles being filled through immigration rather than domestic talent development - is simply unsustainable.
  • Our industry needs to step up. Compared with other industries, we do a very poor job of developing our people. We don't give enough students a good start into our industry, don't invest sufficiently in developing talent, and have a tendency to only focus on the short-term when it comes to skills.
  • Industry, Government and the Education Sector have to work together if we want to solve the skills challenges in our sector. All play a crucial role and the level of engagement and investment needs to increase significantly.

So what do we do about it?

This report is a wakeup call

Our industry is suffering greatly from a mismatch of skill supply and demand, however the only way we're going to fix this long-term is if we invest in domestic development.

And we have a plan. The draft Plan outlines 10 Actions that New Zealand needs to take, each with a set of initiatives. There is no silver bullet, and each Action is addressing a different part of the broken pipeline.

But do we have it right?

We really need your input before the draft plan is finalised.

Once you've had a look at it, let us know what you think.

The draft plan is open for consultation and feedback until Friday 30 July.

We have a huge opportunity to fix the skills pipeline for good, but only by working together. We need your help so we can make the plan better.

Kind regards,

- The ITP Skills Team

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Trade opportunities for NZ and UK

FinTechNZ is a not-for-profit industry body that brings together financial and technology companies, service providers, investors, regulators and other stakeholders in New Zealand, with the purpose of contributing to New Zealand’s prosperity through technology innovation in financial services.

The Department for International Trade (DIT) is the United Kingdom’s (UK) international economic department, responsible for promoting trade and investment policy, delivering a trade policy framework as the UK leaves the European Union (EU) and promoting trade and investment including in UK goods and services.

Both DIT and FinTechNZ are interested in understanding the opportunities available to financial technology (fintech) companies in both countries, as well as fintech companies’ key trade and investment challenges. The New Zealand Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade (MFAT) is also engaged in the early stages of discussions with UK counterparts on future trade and investment links between UK and New Zealand.

FinTechNZ and DIT supported a delegation to travel to the UK in September 2019, assisting New Zealand and Australian fintech companies to explore trade and investment opportunities in the UK. The delegates attended the Lendit conference and other curated sessions with investors, corporates, fellow fintech companies, regulators and service providers. Delegates emerged from the week with a positive outlook on the opportunities presented by the UK as a market, and an enhanced network to drive trade opportunities in both directions. Delegates also developed commercial relationships (and sales prospects) during the week.

This backdrop, along with the UK’s departure from the EU, and each Government’s interest in pursuing a free trade agreement (FTA) following Brexit, has prompted this report.

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NZTech Hi Tech Award Submission 2021

This NZTech paper shares NZTech’s nomination for consideration in the 2021 New Zealand Hi-Tech Awards ‘Best Contribution to the New Zealand Tech Sector’ category.

Submission prepared by NZTech.

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Enabling a Healthier Aotearoa New Zealand

A new report shows how digital health can improve more equitable access to health and disability services while growing a thriving export industry. 

Hauora, Mauri Ora: Enabling a Healthier Aotearoa New Zealand published by New Zealand Health Information Technology (NZHIT), provides an updated analysis of the local digital health landscape. 

In managing the risks and impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, the role local digital health companies have played, alongside the Ministry of Health (MoH), has shown that opportunity exists. 

“New Zealand is currently presented with a unique opportunity to position Aotearoa New Zealand as a global leader in digital health innovation.  Collectively, we can improve health outcomes and the delivery of all healthcare services while also addressing issues of equity of access, equitable outcomes, patient safety, and continuity of care,” the report says. 

The report’s recommendations will improve the health and wellbeing status of all New Zealanders.  This can be achieved through investment in digital health solutions, capitalising on the innovation potential of our digital health industry and offering employment opportunities in the health tech sector. 

Working with Government agencies, NZHIT envisions:  

• The creation of a digitally enabled health and disability system for New Zealanders that delivers improved health and wellbeing outcomes for all. 
• Digital technology enabling our people to take greater control over their health. 
• An ecosystem that jointly promotes our people and innovations, invests in, and attracts investment into, local digital health research and development (R&D).  

The next steps include the creation of a governance framework, strategy, funding and leadership to realise these concepts for all New Zealanders.  

Read the full report here 

About NZHIT: 

The New Zealand Health Information Technology (NZHIT) society was established in 2002 and is recognised as the industry leader of the New Zealand digital health sector.  NZHIT is a member of the Tech Alliance.   

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March 2021

Tech Alliance Software Tax Survey - March 2021

The Inland Revenue is reviewing the policy settings and practices relating to the taxation of software development in order to determine an appropriate tax accounting treatment for income and expenses within the software development sector.

NZTech is supporting the Inland Revenue consultation phase by undertaking a survey across a broad range of member organisations that engage in software development.

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NZTech Water Services Bill Submission

Submission to the Health Commitee on the Water Services Bill.

NZTech supports the Water Services Bill with amendment on s-map information and real-time water monitoring.

Submission prepared by NZTech.

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Work Development Council Consultation Response

A Response to the Creative, Cultural, Recreation and Technology Workforce Development Council

This consultation response is on behalf of New Zealand’s digital technologies industry and profession and follows a number of previous submissions, discussions and meetings with the Tertiary Education Commission highlighting many of the points outlined within. The Digital Technology Industry does not support either the proposed coverage or the proposed structure and governance arrangements for this work development council.

Consultation response by the Digital Technology Industry and Professional ITP.

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NZTech Reserve Bank of New Zealand Bill Submission

Submission to Finance and Expenditure Committee on the Reserve Bank of New Zealand Bill.

NZTech supports the Bill with an amendment upon Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) and a lack of legislative enablement for one.

Submission prepared by NZTech.

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NZTech Strengthening Languages Submission

Submission to the Education and Workforce Committee on the Education (Strengthening second language learning in primary and intermediate schools) Amendment Bill.

NZTech supports the Bill with an amendment of including Coding Language as one of the 10-National Priority Languages.

Submission prepared by NZTech.

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Digital Skills For Our Digital Future

Explore New Zealand's digital skills landscape with this updated analysis.  For the first time ever, data from our Digital Skills Survey has been aggregated across the entire digital skills pipeline, from school to tertiary education, from education to employment, from within the market and from immigration.  

The research found system wide challenges requiring urgent national attention - a lack of coordinated effort, dramatic skills challenges driving a heavy reliance on immigration and under investment in developing the existing workforce.     

The success of the digital technology sector is critical for New Zealand’s future.  It is one of the fastest growing parts of the New Zealand economy, generating billions of dollars in exports and creating thousands of jobs each year.  The sector is also enabling the digitalisation of the rest of the economy and underpinning this are people with digital skills.  

Report prepared by: New Zealand Digital Skills Forum

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Incoming Minister Briefing

Build Digital Capability to accelerate economic growth and productivity

This TechLeaders Executive briefing paper recommends the joint development of a NZ Digital Strategy to progress the frameworks, policy, regulation and the investments needed to grow New Zealand’s digital capability.

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Growing EdTech Exports

Developing an innovation plan for the edtech sector.

This plan has been developed by EdTechNZ to propel innovation in New Zealand edtech companies and educational institutions to improve their effectiveness in local and overseas markets. 

The plan outlines key areas for innovation to support their success. 

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Incoming Minister Briefing

Creating a socially and economically prosperous New Zealand underpinned by technology.

This NZTech briefing paper provides a high-level aggregation of the various interactions NZTech and the Tech Alliance currently has across Government and highlights recommendations for action in the immediate and midterm.

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Innovating for a Sustainable Future

Global megatrends including climate change, overuse of natural resources, water shortages, increasing dependence on fossil fuels, population growth and related healthcare needs are impacting the entire world. These trends are dramatically impacting all economies, driving demand for technologies, including biotechnology, to help mitigate these challenges. Biotechnology specifically, has been identified as critical in finding innovative solutions to some of these global challenges.

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New Zealand Life Sciences Key Opinion Leaders

Showcasing the quality of the New Zealand science system

October 2019

BioTech New Zealand engaged BioPacific Partners to undertake a study to identify some of New Zealand’s most prominent and compelling key opinion leaders in the life sciences. This involved identifying a broad long list of potential key opinion leaders, determining a short list, and profiling – in detail – the fifteen in this report

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Digital technologies industry transformation plan – progress report

This document provides a progress update on the Digital Technologies Industry Transformation Plan (ITP) that is being developed as a partnership between the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE) and NZTech, as the lead industry partner.

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NZTech Annual Report - 2020

Learn more about how NZTech connects, promotes and advances the New Zealand tech sector. 

Report prepared by: NZTech - 13 August 2020 

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July 2020

TechLeaders Manifesto

Ahead of the 2020 General Election, New Zealand’s TechLeaders are urging all political parties to prioritise our digital future.  The TechLeaders Executive have published their manifesto outlining specific areas that we believe the next Government must focus on.

Today, we are increasingly reliant on technology to access information, learn, shop, work and connect with family and friends.  To be a globally competitive, balanced society, New Zealand needs to strengthen its digital foundations.  Emerging technology continues to disrupt existing business models and we must innovate now for our future.    

Government has an important leadership role to play in building a flexible, resilient, safe and trusted digital technology platform that is accessible to all.

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July 2020

Aotearoa Agritech Unleashed

Better uptake of agritech across New Zealand farms could be worth $17B, says new report, Aotearoa Agritech Unleashed. Explore the local agritech landscape and discover the economic opportunity. Plus, driving productivity & sustainability.

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July 2020

The New Zealand Tech Sector Key Metrics

2019 update

With the rapidly changing pace of technology most people are unaware of the exponential impact many technologies are having throughout society.

As the voice of the technology ecosystem, in 2016 NZTech set about finding out just how important technology is for New Zealand.  Without an answer there is serious risk that as a country we will miss opportunities for both economic growth and social improvement.

The 2016 study was titled “Digital Nation New Zealand, from tech sector to digital nation”.  The aim of this research was to deepen understanding and discussions about the benefits technology brings and the role that it could play in redefining the New Zealand we live in.

This summary document provides updated key metrics for the New Zealand Tech Sector for 2019.

It is complemented with information from other studies to provide a single source of key metrics about the New Zealand Tech Sector.

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May 2020

NZ Tech Alliance COVID-19 Survey

Several of the Tech Alliance associations conducted a member survey April and May 2020 to gather insights into the impact of COVID-19 on the tech ecosystem.  Several hundred members responded and the results found that there was a decline in operations across the board. While some tech firms experienced initial work increases, in general most are impacted. 68% of all companies surveyed have lost customers, 46% have lost funding, and 15% have had to let staff go. Detailed feedback is included in the final report.

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February 2020

Algorithm Charter – feedback from the AI Forum

The Artificial Intelligence Forum of New Zealand (AI Forum) has reviewed the draft Algorithm Charter that was released by Stats NZ for consultation in October 2019 (Algorithm Charter) and wishes to provide some initial feedback as set out in this submission.

We also wish to express our interest in participating further on the Algorithm Charter, any follow up work relating to the Algorithm Charter and other AI related work that Stats NZ may undertake.

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November 2019

Artificial Intelligence for Financial and Insurance Services in New Zealand

Ahumoni me te Inihua i te Atamai Iahiko

This report examines the New Zealand financial services, banking and insurance sectors, which are currently experiencing significant transformation.  

Already, AI-enabled improvements are proving valuable and creating relatively rapid returns on investment.  AI-driven technologies will be critical to the industry’s reinvention in creating simple, transparent and personalised digital experiences.  

Despite regulatory hurdles, talent challenges and industry maturity, AI for financial services is a strong area of opportunity for New Zealand.  

The research shows New Zealand urgently needs to increase its focus on an AI-enabled future, particularly investment, skills and talent, research, trusted data, strategy and regulation.  The report calls for more strategic collaboration, involving partnerships with diverse stakeholders including InsurTechs, FinTechs and wider Government led AI strategy.

With increased levels of investment and effective regulation, AI-driven innovation can help make the New Zealand financial services industry nimbler, customer driven and more effective.

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October 2019

Securing New Zealand businesses against the next generation of cyber attack

New Zealand Cyber Security Summit

This NZTech briefing paper provides insights from the recent New Zealand Cyber Security Summit in Wellington, including key observations from roundtable discussions involving senior executives and security specialists from a broad cross section of government agencies, large
private corporations and the tech sector.

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October 2019

Artificial Intelligence for Agriculture in New Zealand

Ahuwhenua i te Atamai Iahiko

This report examines the New Zealand and international AI industry landscapes for agriculture and investigates AI’s potential impacts for New Zealand’s place in the global food value chain.

The research shows New Zealand urgently needs to increase its focus on the core foundations needed to operate in an AI enabled future, particularly using data throughout the food value chain, not just behind the farmgate.

Agriculture and horticulture play a dominant role in New Zealand’s economy with food exports – dairy products, meat, fruit, wine, fish and seafood – making up around 40% of New Zealand’s $80 billion annual exports.

However, the agriculture sector continues to face significant ongoing challenges including climate change, low productivity growth, labour shortages, increasing regulation and environmental sustainability, the report says.

The report identifies how AI can be used in diverse use cases throughout the food supply chain: yield optimisation, addressing labour shortages, meat alternative research, food quality assurance, isolating disease outbreaks in animals and plants, waste reduction, biosecurity and conversion efficiency. AI technologies can also be applied to reducing the environmental impact of agriculture in New Zealand and supporting more sustainable practices. AI is 21st century agriculture’s “number 8 wire”.

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October 2019

Industry, Government and NGOs working together to shape digital skills priorities and actions.

Digital Skills Hui Update

This Digital Skills Forum post-event briefing paper provides insights from the Digital Skills Hui held in Wellington in March 2019. It includes the workshop findings and key observations from a full day of panel discussions, lightning talks, and interactive workshops looking to address digital skills issues.

The Digital Skills Forum is a cross Industry and Government initiative designed to bring focus to the critical issue of Digital skills required for Aotearoa’s future in a collaborative framework.

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October 2019

Artificial Intelligence for Health in New Zealand

Hauora i te Atamai Iahiko

The health sector in New Zealand is facing challenges. These include increasing demand, rising consumer expectations, and the pressures of an ageing population. These factors are straining the health workforce, increasing costs and limiting access to care.

The AI Forum's latest research report describes how AI promises to bring significant clinical, workforce and cost benefits to the health sector, as well as personalise medical care. It can help with predicting disease and injury; and mine vast quantities of literature for research insights.

It can also assist in novel drug discovery; augment the work of human specialists through image analysis and robotic surgery; automate hospital processes; free up more time for doctor-patient interaction and provide personalised treatment.

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October 2019

FinTechNZ Regulatory Roundtable Discussion Paper

This FinTechNZ discussion paper provides insights from the FinTechNZ Regulatory Roundtable session held in Auckland in September 2019. Included are comments from the Minister of Commerce and Consumer Affairs and key observations from group discussions between senior Government, regulatory and corporate representatives. 

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September 2019


Te Ara mō tātou Atamai o ĀpōpōTe hurahi atamai iahiko ō Aotearoa

This report identifies that New Zealand urgently needs to increase its focus on the core foundations needed to operate in an AI enabled future – particularly investment, skills and talent, research, trusted data, ethics and regulation.  The report also shows how AI enabled solutions can be used to improve wellbeing, productivity and  sustainability.

The report aims to:

  • stimulate momentum towards national investment in AI to achieve high priority objectives
  • analyse key enablers to support AI adoption in Aotearoa
  • provide a first examination of Māori attitudes, perceptions and engagement with AI
  • provide case studies of AI in action across our economy and society.

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Submission on Research and Development Tax Credit Legislation

Submission to the Finance and Expenditure Select Committee on the Taxation (KiwiSaver, Student Loans, and Remedial Matters) Bill.

Although supportive of the research and development (R&D) tax incentive, NZTech’s concerns include the cessation of the current growth scheme and potential compliance burden of the application process on smaller firms.  NZTech also requests further discussion on the definition of software development to avoid barriers for small software firms.

Submission prepared by NZTech. 

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Interactive Aotearoa

An analysis of the impact of interactive media and games on New Zealand's economy and wellbeing.

The Interactive Aotearoa Study drew upon several data sources, research studies and 50 qualitative interviews. It presents a stocktake of interactive media globally and locally, and makes recommendations to grow the social, cultural and economic potential of interactive design in New Zealand.

Report prepared by: NZTech & the New Zealand Game Developers Association (NZGDA)

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NZTech Annual Report - 2019

Learn more about how NZTech is representing you.

Report prepared by: NZTech

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June 2019

Productivity Commission - Future of Work Submission

This is a submission on behalf of the Artificial Intelligence Forum of New Zealand / Te Kāhui Atamai Iahiko o Aotearoa to the New Zealand Productivity Commission’s Issues Paper – Technological change and the future of work.

Prepared by the AI Forum

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IoT Spectrum in New Zealand

This paper provides an introduction to the radio spectrum available in New Zealand for IoT networks. Numerous spectrum bands are available for both licensed and ‘unlicensed’ spectrum from low to high frequencies. This spectrum can cater for range of different IoT networks and applications, and many of these spectrum bands are harmonised with international markets. While licensed spectrum is exclusively available for that licence holder in the described location, unlicensed spectrum generally requires operators to share that spectrum with other IoT and non-IoT users.

Report prepared by: NZ IoT Alliance

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How Capability Frameworks can prepare organisations for future challenges

Capability frameworks focus on continuous learning and future potential within the workplace. Technology leaders from some of New Zealand’s largest organisations met to discuss how capability frameworks can enable organisations to keep up with changes. This paper captures the outputs of that discussion.

Report prepared by: TechLeaders Executive

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InsurTech emerging at pace

An assessment of the New Zealand InsurTech ecosystem. The international Insurance sector is undergoing profound challenges. Traditional insurers are facing increasing competition and more pressure on margins, compounded by the growing influence of new market entrants using new technology platforms.

Report prepared by InsurTechNZ and EY

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November 2018

The New Zealand Tech Sector Key Metrics

2018 Update

As the voice of the technology ecosystem, in 2016 NZTech set about finding out just how important technology is for New Zealand. Without an answer there is serious risk that as a country we will miss opportunities for both economic growth and social improvement. While growth in tech exports will continue to be significant for New Zealand's economy, the social and economic gains that technology can enable are so vast that we believe more focus should be placed on the importance of technology for New Zealand.

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November 2018

Statistics NZ – Legislative Review Submission

This is a submission on behalf of the Artificial Intelligence Forum of New Zealand to Stats NZ on the public discussion document Towards new data and statistics legislation.

Prepared by the AI Forum

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October 2018

Letter to Minister Faafoi – New Zealand Copyright Review

Letter to Minister Faafoi – New Zealand Copyright Review – Fixing Barriers to Innovation.

The current Copyright Act disadvantages New Zealand businesses who face a barrier to innovation.

Prepared by the AI Forum

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NZTech Annual Report - 2018

Discover why the importance of tech is no longer a debate. Report prepared by: NZTech

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Digital Principles

This briefing paper prepared by the TechLeaders Executive sets out six key principles to support New Zealand's transformation to a more digitally competitive nation.

Report prepared by: TechLeaders Executive

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Artificial Intelligence: Shaping a Future New Zealand

This report is the culmination of a one year research project led by the AI Forum with research partners IDC and Sapere. The research examined the New Zealand and international AI industry landscapes, investigating AI’s potential impacts on New Zealand’s economy and society. The report identifies key AI opportunities, in the public, private and education sectors, that New Zealand can invest in now to actively shape the effects on our collective future. Report prepared by: AI Forum of New Zealand

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Preparing for the Digital Disruption of Work

Digital transformation, including automation and artificial intelligence (AI) is expected to impact many current jobs and the income of many New Zealanders. This TechLeaders Executive discussion paper looks at how we can best prepare for the imminent digital disruption of work.

Report prepared by: TechLeaders Executive

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Digital Skills for a Digital Nation

An analysis of the digital skills landscape of New Zealand. This report commissioned by the New Zealand Digital Skills Forum, provides actionable findings, to ensure we, as a nation, can realise our potential through developing a skilled capable workforce prepared for the future of work.

Report prepared by: New Zealand Digital Skills Forum

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Education and Future Workplaces

Industry, education and the workplace of tomorrow. Technology leaders from some of New Zealand’s largest organisations discuss the role of industry in helping prepare New Zealand’s future workforce in this briefing paper.

Briefing Paper prepared by: TechLeaders Executive

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Virtual gets Real – The Explosion of Cross Reality in New Zealand

This NZVRARA reports looks at the rapid rise of the cross-reality sector which comprises virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR) and mixed reality (MR) in New Zealand and the opportunities for New Zealand to exploit these novel technologies. Report prepared by: New Zealand VR/AR Association

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NZTech Annual Report - 2017

Explore NZTech’s activities to connect, promote and advance tech. Report prepared by: NZTech

Photo credit: Chris Williams

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IoT Report – Accelerating a Connected New Zealand

This study has been designed to provide a stocktake of the current ecosystem of IoT in New Zealand. The primary objective is to identify opportunities for economic growth through clever use of the Internet of Things. Report prepared by: New Zealand IoT Alliance

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2017 Manifesto – New Zealand’s Digital Future

It is our strongly held belief that the prosperity of New Zealand is inextricably linked to how we embrace our future as a digital nation.

This manifesto is a collaboration by leading associations and professional bodies in New Zealand’s technology sector  to make a meaningful contribution to the agenda of political parties. As we approach the 2017 election, we strongly encourage all political parties to embrace this manifesto and commit to bringing life to its recommendations. The manifesto focuses on three key areas, providing a series of core recommendations for each. Only through a comprehensive and focused programme of change across these areas can New Zealand’s digital potential be fully realised. The three key areas of focus are:
  1. The Future of our People.
  2. The Future of our Economy.
  3. The Future of our Government.
Report prepared by: NZTech

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Technology to Transform / Data.Citizen.Cloud

Insights from the NZTech Advance Government & Technology Summit. Data is increasing exponentially and advances in big data and analytics creates immense opportunities for governments. Technology is now truly at the heart of improving productivity of government services.

Briefing paper prepared by NZTech.

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Security - Addressing a Critical Skills Shortage

Reports suggest there is a global skills shortage of cyber security professionals, as government and corporations struggle to keep up with the large growth in cyber threats. This paper explores the cyber skills challenge and insights from the NZTech Leaders Forum.

Paper prepared by NZTech.

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Leading for 21st Century Learning

This briefing paper based on tech leader discussions at the Education Technology summit looks at the challenges and opportunities that formally integrating digital technology into the New Zealand curriculum may bring.

This briefing paper is a collaboration between NZTech and Conferenz.

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July 2016

NZTech Annual Report - 2016

Understand how we are creating a coordinated voice for New Zealand’s tech ecosystem. Report prepared by: NZTech

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From Tech Sector to Digital Nation

With the rapidly changing pace of technology, most people are unaware of the exponential impact many technologies are having throughout society. As the voice of the technology sector, NZTech set about finding out just how important technology is to the New Zealand economy. Report prepared by: NZTech

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Transforming Government Technology – innovation & partnership

Transforming government services will lead to better outcomes for all New Zealanders, especially those in most need and technology is central to this. Read insights and recommendations from the NZTech Advance Government Technology Summit on transforming government technology.

Paper prepared by NZTech.

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Securing the Nation

Creating cyber security, resilience and readiness. Insights and recommendations from the 2015 NZTech Advance Security Summit.

Paper prepared by NZTech.

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Advancing Women to provide needed tech sector skills

A summary of the skills and talent development initiatives available within the NZ technology sector ecosystem to support women in tech.

Paper prepared by NZTech.

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Government Procurement – using technology to innovate

Insights from NZ technology leaders on how the procurement of technology can be used to innovate and support the government’s transformational vision.

Paper prepared by NZTech.

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