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Digital Strategy for Aotearoa

FinTechNZ submission on
Te koke ki tētahi Rautaki Matihiko mō Aotearoa,
Towards a Digital Strategy for Aotearoa

FinTechNZ congratulates the Department of Internal Affairs (DIA) for its leadership in proposing a Digital Strategy for Aoteaora and we thank you for the opportunity to contribute feedback.

FinTechNZ supports the creation of a Digital Strategy for Aoteaora and is generally supportive of the Strategy’s proposed vision and goals, which align with the purpose of FintechNZ (Advance, Promote, Connect). To support the effective delivery and implementation of the Strategy, there are a range of opportunities for the Government to support the fintech sector to achieve its vision of Mahi Ahe (Growth), Mahi Tika (Trust) and Mahi Tahi (Inclusion).

We believe that the Strategy needs to recognise that innovation in the fintech sector is crucial to meeting New Zealand’s digital aspirations. Regulation should therefore provide sufficient room for innovation and be an enabler, not a barrier.

FinTechNZ welcomes the opportunity to work with DIA to contribute to the future development of the Strategy.