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Enabling a Healthier Aotearoa New Zealand

A new report shows how digital health can improve more equitable access to health and disability services while growing a thriving export industry. 

Hauora, Mauri Ora: Enabling a Healthier Aotearoa New Zealand published by New Zealand Health Information Technology (NZHIT), provides an updated analysis of the local digital health landscape. 

In managing the risks and impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, the role local digital health companies have played, alongside the Ministry of Health (MoH), has shown that opportunity exists. 

“New Zealand is currently presented with a unique opportunity to position Aotearoa New Zealand as a global leader in digital health innovation.  Collectively, we can improve health outcomes and the delivery of all healthcare services while also addressing issues of equity of access, equitable outcomes, patient safety, and continuity of care,” the report says. 

The report’s recommendations will improve the health and wellbeing status of all New Zealanders.  This can be achieved through investment in digital health solutions, capitalising on the innovation potential of our digital health industry and offering employment opportunities in the health tech sector. 

Working with Government agencies, NZHIT envisions:  

• The creation of a digitally enabled health and disability system for New Zealanders that delivers improved health and wellbeing outcomes for all. 
• Digital technology enabling our people to take greater control over their health. 
• An ecosystem that jointly promotes our people and innovations, invests in, and attracts investment into, local digital health research and development (R&D).  

The next steps include the creation of a governance framework, strategy, funding and leadership to realise these concepts for all New Zealanders.  

About NZHIT: 

The New Zealand Health Information Technology (NZHIT) society was established in 2002 and is recognised as the industry leader of the New Zealand digital health sector.  NZHIT is a member of the Tech Alliance.