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The New Zealand Tech Sector Key Metrics – 2020

As the voice of the technology ecosystem, in 2016 NZTech set about finding out just how important technology is for New Zealand. Without an answer there is serious risk that as a country we will miss opportunities for both economic growth and social improvement.

While growth in tech exports will continue to be significant for New Zealand’s economy, the social and economic gains that technology can enable are so vast that we believe more focus should be placed on the importance of technology for New Zealand.

The 2016 study was titled “Digital Nation New Zealand, from tech sector to digital nation” The aim of this research was to deepen understanding and discussions about the benefits technology brings and the role that it could play in redefining the New Zealand we live in.

The study defined and sized the broader technology sector, the jobs it creates, the export earnings it contributes and the positive role that technology plays in other parts of the economy and society as a whole.

This summary document provides updated key metrics for the New Zealand Tech Sector for 2020 It is complimented with information from other studies to provide a single source of key metrics about the New Zealand Tech Sector.