Overview of the New Zealand technology sector

In June 2016, NZTech released Digital Nation New Zealand, From Tech Sector to Digital Nation.

This research shows that the tech sector is a large contributor to the New Zealand economy – creating many jobs, GDP and exports.  There are over 28,000 companies, employing almost 100,000 people or 5% of the workforce.

These companies created $32b in output in 2015, which generated $16.2b GDP, or 8% of the economy.

The sector also exported $6.3b in 2015, 9% of the country’s exports.  We also found that for every 4% growth in productivity within the tech sector it generates 1% growth in GDP, equal to $2.7b.

This means every dollar invested in growing tech sector productivity brings a $3 ROI.  As a country we are well connected, yet we could gain so much more if our businesses exploited technology further.  For example, companies that make smart use of internet services are 6% more productive than average firms in their sector.  If all firms made better use of internet services, it could potentially lift GDP by $34b.

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