A role to suit everybody in an industry that pays twice the average pay rates in New Zealand. Perfect!

The tech sector contains some of the fastest growing sectors in New Zealand.  The information and communications sector is growing at 3.4% per annum and within this the computer design sector is growing at 9.3%.

The tech sector growth is out stripping the pace that skilled people can be prepared to work within the sector so there are plenty of jobs and a forecast of ongoing strong demand for a number of roles.

Whether you are just starting out on your career, or looking at transferring from another industry sector, there’s a job that fits. There are plenty of different roles to choose from.

Technology Careers

There are a number of different resources to help you decide the best career path. The websites listed below provide information about the different types of jobs available, so that you can pick one that fits you. Talk to people in the industry, try internships or work experience and don’t be afraid to change.

Digital Careers
School Connect
Careers Foundation - ICT career wheel

Job Opportunities

The technology sector is booming, and while not all of these jobs require a degree, getting a job can be harder than getting into a world cup final.

Competition between businesses is too steep for firms to hire those who aren’t qualified, and demand for these positions is greater than the skills that exist in the marketplace. Yet finding the right one can still be a challenge.

Incredible job opportunities exist, if you know how to get them. Partnering with a specialist in matching the right people with the right jobs can make all the difference. In which case we can recommend a few recruitment firms that specialise in the tech sector.

Alternatively you might like to start search online job hubs such as Linkedin, SEEK or TradeMe.

New Zealand ICT Salary Guides & Reports

NZTech Members, AbsoluteIT and Hays Recruitment provide salary guides and reports for New Zealand technology roles.

Migrating to New Zealand?

NZTech Member, Workhere provides information about moving to New Zealand and job opportunities available in the NZ Technology industry