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Tech Leaders already seeing impact of automation

TechLeaders, a growing group of top executives from the country’s biggest companies and organisations, are backing the pioneering work of the Productivity Commission to try to better understand the impact of technology changes on the future of work in New Zealand.
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Digital principles set up to help NZ businesses evolve

The digital revolution that has begun will change, redefine and disrupt almost every sector across the country, New Zealand Techleaders chair David Kennedy says. Techleaders today released a set of digital principles to support New Zealand’s transformation into a more digitally competitive nation by helping Kiwi businesses and government agencies commit to digital transformation. The … Continue reading "Digital principles set up to help NZ businesses evolve"
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Digital change expected to lose and create many jobs

Digital transformation, including automation and artificial intelligence (AI) is expected to impact many current jobs and the income of many New Zealanders, a high-powered national tech leaders group says. It is predicted that artificial intelligence and automation alone, will quickly change both the number of jobs and types of available employment.
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Urgent attention needed to look at automation impact

Automation, artificial intelligence (AI) and digital transformation issues facing the country could become threats, leading to increased social and economic difficulties and a strain on government resources unless they are immediately addressed, New Zealand’s tech leader say. The TechLeaders executive has only recently just been formed because New Zealand is facing unprecedented growth and change … Continue reading "Urgent attention needed to look at automation impact"