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New Zealand-created App, Fashion Ghost, wins Entrepreneur’s Auckland Start-up Weekend competition

New Zealand-created App, Fashion Ghost, wins Entrepreneur’s Auckland Start-up Weekend competition powered by Google; entering it into the Global Startup Battle.

Now they need New Zealand to get behind their idea and vote for Fashion Ghost. Voting is open
from 27 November to 4 December – and you can vote once a day!

Vote for Fashion Ghost here to help the New Zealand startup team get
through to the next round and take on the world. Sign up now to be one of the first to
experience the Fashion Ghost app at

Fashion Ghost, a new peer-to-peer app designed to help people choose their outfits, won the
latest Auckland Startup Weekend (November 20 – 22.. Winning this competition has allowed the
group to compete in the Global Startup Battle, which could see them win a sponsored trip and
month-long mentoring programme in the States or Europe.

About the App
The Fashion Ghost team, founded and envisioned by Mahnoosh Dordahan who brought
together team members Haroun Barazanchi, Erica Dawson, David Tan, Ben Gao, Shu Sin,
Sunil Kumar Reddy and Wenchong Huang, are from a mix of backgrounds, from architecture
and design to programming and business.

Mahnoosh is an Architectural Designer at Jasmax, her idea for Fashion Ghost arose from her
personal experiences helping friends and colleagues with their outfits and style, empowering
them to feel confident with their clothing choices. When she realised the positive effect this had,
she began thinking about a solution for a wider community.

Fashion Ghost’s mission is to make fashion frustrations a thing of the past. Their lofty goal is to
create a fashion savvy community and allow the fashion industry to better understand the
consumer’s needs. Users upload two photos of their possible outfit choices, adding a caption
and filters to provide context to the outfit. Once the image is uploaded, users can vote on the
outfit they like the best. As a premium member of Fashion Ghost, users will get unlimited
uploads, comments and votes. By engaging in the app, and gaining enough likes on their
outfits, users can become Fashion Ghosts – an authenticated member of the community which
includes several perks.

Mahnoosh, Fashion Ghost Founder, commented, “Fashion Ghost is like carrying around a stylist
in your pocket. When you’re stood in front of a mirror at home, or in a shopping mall too afraid to
ask the shop assistant, it’s hard to get the second opinion you need on an outfit choice quickly.
That’s when Fashion Ghost can help – you can post your two options and let people vote –
people who are interested in fashion and are just like you. That way you’re getting feedback
instantaneously, and Fashion Bloggers have another outlet to give their advice and gain
exposure.” The team is now campaigning to get as many votes as possible in the Global
Startup Battle ( – they need your help to get this kiwi-created app
into the Global competition.

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