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?IBM systems integrator acquires Wellington software firm

Certus Solutions, an IBM systems integrator on both sides of the Tasman, has acquired Core Technology, a New Zealand enterprise software and application development consultancy firm.

While the financial details of the deal were not revealed, the acquisition is designed to compliment Certus’ Digital Business Services (DBS), building on the Certus Mobile as a Service offering.

With a history of producing business outcomes for government and large enterprises in the Wellington region of New Zealand, the move helps make Certus one of the largest DBS providers in New Zealand.

“Acquiring Core Technology’s digital development capabilities and technology will enable Certus to provide a software development capability for our clients,” says Trevor Janes, Chairman, Certus Solutions.

“This will enable the ongoing development of the enterprise solution sets that Certus has been bringing to market.”

Core Technology has developed solutions for some of the largest technology projects in New Zealand, mostly for financial services and government organisations, including Bank of New Zealand, Chorus, New Zealand Police and Electricity Authority.

For Janes, this pedigree aligns well with Certus’ market position as a provider of business and industry solutions to large enterprises and government.

Of strategic importance to Janes is access to Core Technology’s Aviarc platform, which incorporates a software prototyping and User Experience (UX) tool set for designing and building enterprise applications.

As a result, this will extend Certus’ existing mobile and digital platform capabilities, enabling the firm to offer UX services and full service DBS, along with the mobile solutions it already delivers.

Terms of the deal will also see Certus continue providing infrastructure services to Core’s existing customer base, complemented by its own services offerings.

The acquisition was officially completed on January 15, with commercial operations transferring to Certus Solutions – Aviarc will be operated as a separate entity going forward.

In addition, Core Technology’s CEO Shane Mercer will also move over to Certus to direct this addition to Certus’ Digital Business Services portfolio.

“Core Technology has a long heritage in the New Zealand IT market with a very strong financial services and government client base and powerful digital development tools,” adds Brian Allen, CEO, Certus Solutions.

“We are pleased that we have been able to acquire the company, so we can create one of the biggest Digital Business Services practices in New Zealand.”


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