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AI Forum’s research report, Artificial Intelligence: Shaping a Future New Zealand.


This evening, we proudly launched the AI Forum’s research report, Artificial Intelligence: Shaping a Future New Zealand.

The report is the culmination of nearly a year’s work with research partners IDC and Sapere, examining the local and international AI landscapes and investigating potential impacts on New Zealand’s economy and society. The report identifies key opportunities which New Zealand can invest in now to actively shape our collective future.

At a glance, the report shows that New Zealand has a young and growing AI ecosystem, however major AI investment by other countries around the world raises challenges for New Zealand to keep up with global AI advancement. The report finds that AI has the potential to increase New Zealand GDP by up to $54b by 2035, as AI and automation frees people up to focus on more complex, higher value tasks in their jobs. It may also help address potential labour shortages and the demographic challenge of an ageing workforce.

Our research shows that AI is considered a game changer by New Zealand business, yet very few boards are discussing its adoption. To remain competitive, more organisations need to seize the opportunity and invest in AI now. The top drivers of AI uptake in New Zealand include:

  • making sense of vast amounts of data
  • automating tedious or dangerous work
  • supporting decision making with speed and accuracy
  • reducing business costs by automation
  • optimising business processes

The report also explores the challenges that AI presents for our society; for jobs, the law and new ethical considerations. There are long term implications for core legal principles like legal responsibility, agency and causation. AI raises many new ethical concerns relating to bias, fairness, transparency and accountability.

The report presents key recommendations within these themes:

  1. Forging a coordinated AI strategy for New Zealand.
  2. Creating awareness and discussion of AI.
  3. Assisting AI adoption.
  4. Increasing trusted data accessibility.
  5. Growing the AI talent pool.
  6. Adapting to AI effects on law, ethics and society.

The AI Forum will now action these recommendations in partnership with industry, Government and academia. If your organisation is not already a member of the Forum, now is the time to get involved as we progress with this vital next phase of our work programme.

We look forward to sharing our key findings and insights with you. Please read the full report here

Warm regards

Ben Reid
Executive Director

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