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Matariki – For the Past, Present and Future

Jason Roberts, ED FintechNZ

Last Friday we welcomed  our first public holiday celebrating mātauranga Māori – Matariki Day. This is a day to acknowledge our past (honour the people we have lost), the present (appreciate what we have), and the future (consider what’s ahead of us) – I’m sure universal values we can all appreciate.

FinTech is a pretty new topic, and an even newer organisation so while we can certainly reflect on our country’s Financial Services past and (in)-equities, really our focus is firmly on the future, and in particular how we can foster a fairer, more equitable outcome for all.

To do this requires understanding, analysis, and focusing on issues such as access, value, sustainability, talent, investment, partnership, and trade to mention but a few.

To help understand our present – and help identify the path forward, this year we have collaborated on two quality FinTech sector reports and are pleased to announce the latest collaboration between FinTechNZ and Deloitte New Zealand who have written the FinTechNZ, Pulsecheck Open Banking report being  launched this coming Wednesday 6 July. This report is a qualitative analysis and plans a longitudinal view of the state of Open Banking. It explores these issues all relevant to those exploring the pathway ahead;

  • What is the current NZ environment that ‘open banking’-style fintech’s operate in and what is likely to change when New Zealand introduces a formal Consumer Data Right?
  • As a precursor to true open banking in the future, what types of ‘permissioned data sharing’ use cases are active in the market, being readied, or attracting interest?
  • While NZ awaits draft CDR legislation, what has the story been to date? How have we gotten to where we are?
  • What would New Zealand FinTechs like to see considered by Government as part of the upcoming CDR?

We hope you can join us, after the presentation you can  download the published report.

NZ/UK Trade Envoy visit and the foundation of a new FinTechNZ Working Group

Last week FinTechNZ, UK DiT and the FMA collaborated to welcome the Hon David Mundell, the trade envoy for Boris Johnson’s government. In line with our strong engagement with the UK government, the Lord Mayor of London and Enterprise Scotland we are expanding our efforts to support the recently ratified Free Trade Agreement between the two countries. The team gave a briefing to Mr Mundell and the support team on the importance of addressing foundation issues of Data, Governance, Regulatory standards, Identity, Talent, VC among other very important issues that will  improve two way trade opportunities with the UK. This session also became the start point for the foundation of the UK/NZ Trade working group of FinTechNZ supported by partners UK DiT and the FMA. If you/your company would like to participate in the forming group, please contact Jason here

Sustainability Working Group update

FinTechNZ’s Sustainability Working Group formed two sub-groups to address challenges in the finance industry. Challenges in the data space and making an impact are the two challenges that the sub-groups are considering.

This month saw these sub-groups meet for the first time. Both subgroups undertook to refine their respective ‘problem statements’ to develop a plan of activities to address them.

Vicky Watson, from the Aotearoa Circle, presented their roadmap to the NZ Tech’s Sustainability Sub-board. Discussion ensued on how the integration of tech, as a critical enabler, could radically change the landscape for industries such as tourism.

The discussion then shifted to frameworks that NZ Tech are considering, to measure and monitor sustainability and the opportunities to collate data across communities within the NZ Tech Alliance, in line with compliance requirements.

Key events discussed included the launch of the Digital Sustainability Index and several international speakers attending the Oceania Summit.

NZ Tech’s Sustainability Sub-Board also conducted their quarterly catchup with Minister Clark. Attendees from the Sub-Board shared activities related to climate and sustainability that will enable Minister Clark and others to better tell the story inside Government  of how tech/digital is critical to support a lower emissions economy.


FinTech Hui 2023 – Made in NZ – For the World: Aotea Centre. Now taking place on 28 February 2023

The Hui Incorporates both national and international leadership, provides curated expert content  all designed to drive insight, investment and partnering opportunity for our broader FinTech community. Now that our borders are coming down, clearly, it is time to catch up and focus on what opportunities and challenges lie ahead of us. A crucial time for our community IMHO.

We have received great interest in the FinTech Hui from sector leaders, speakers and of course sponsors. However we  found that the proposed date of October 31 clashes with other announced conferences of partner organisations (especially FSC and PaymentsNZ). We are also in the process of exploring a delegation to the Singapore FinTech Festival in early November. Therefore we are postponing the event to 28 February 2023 which opens up new opportunities for all.

We have a range of topic streams including Open Banking, Investment Insurance, Payments, Wealth, Identity, Sustainability, Regtech,  the new Open Finance Innovator Zone and more

Do reach out to Jason if your company seeks to have a sector leadership role.

FSC conference – FinTech Alley and FinTechNZ specialist streams

This is the fifth year of partnering with the FSC to support specialist streams and topics on FinTech innovation. This has always been well received and this year the topics will  focus on Open Finance and Sustainability. We are also supporting the Fintech Alley for start-ups and Pitching competitions

If you would like to know more about the conference and registration see the link here or if you would like to participate in the Tech Alley contact Josh Daniel from Akahu here.

FinTech Directory and Business Finder – Sponsorship opportunity

We all want to know who is who in the sector, who to do business with, partner with, or simply share insights.

FinTechNZ is exploring a potential solution to assist in this process. 

Initially we are exploring an online directory via our Website, then perhaps a more dedicated search function and later an APP solution. While we can do the heavy lifting we would be delighted to welcome a support/sponsor partner to help with this, it could be on a number of dimensions. If you/your company would like to help, please contact Jason here.

Nga Mihi

Jason Roberts

Executive Director

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