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Blockchain NZ latest Podcast: Tornado Cash and The Merge

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Latest Episode:

E07 – Tornado Cash and The Merge; Bryan and Jeff Roundtable 1

Bryan Ventura is here for our first roundtable; Bryan is a lawyer specializing in blockchain and Web3. Today we’re covering two main topics:

  • Tornado cash – what is it and why was it sanctioned – and the downstream effects of platform level censorship along with freedom of expression and how open source code fits in.
  • Then we dive into Eth2.0 (I still call it that) – The Merge – we talk about some of the history of proof of work transitioning to proof of stake ethereum and what people are expecting afterwards.
  • We wrap up with a shoutout to Roger Ver and Zuckerberg’s metaverse.

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00:00 intro
00:57 Tornado cash intro
05:37 OFAC & US regulatory influence
08:34 Circle censoring USDC tx
12:40 Multiple identities & dusting accounts
16:17 freedom of speech
23:00 Dutch jailed the founder
26:30 FATF virtual asset guidance
32:06 is code speech
37:36 Eth2.0, the merge & the history of PoW
44:56 merge performance & fees
50:30 validators
54:47 deflationary distribution of ETH
58:23 Roger Ver
1:00:21 metaverse
1:12:32 fin
Some notes from the show:
What is Tornado Cash
Roman Semenov
Chainalysis report & Lazarus North Korean hacking group
Bernstein v. Department of Justice
Developer jailed for 90 days
Megaupload Legal case in NZ
$8.6B laundered in 2021
Stable Diffusion
pgp privacy
Github’s co-pilot
Ethereum difficulty bomb
Otherside land mint fees
Ethereum nodes
Horizon Worlds
paper cheques
Zuckerberg on Lex
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Recorded at blockheight 752817. The BCNZ podcast was founded in 2022 by Jeff Nijsse and Bryan Ventura.

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