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Agritech New Zealand

AgriTechNZ Annual Meeting and Executive Council Elections 2023

AgriTech New Zealand (AgriTechNZ) has grown significantly since our launch in May 2018. As a membership-based organisation, AgriTechNZ is run by an elected Executive Council and this year there are vacancies for four positions.

AgriTechNZ connects innovators, investors, regulators, researchers and interested public. AgriTechNZ advances the ecosystem through advocacy, collaboration, innovation, talent and economic growth through international connections and missions.

To continue building on our success, it is critical to have the drive and support of a purposeful Executive Council and we are now seeking nominations. We encourage you to consider who could make an impact, ensuring the new Council reflects the diversity of the community we support.

Executive Council Nominations and Appointed Seats

Executive Council Nominations

There is now an opportunity to put yourself forward or nominate someone else for a role on the AgriTechNZ Executive Council. This year we have vacancies for the following positions:

  • Corporate – Major (1 position)
  • Corporate – Other (1 position)
  • SMEs and Startups (2 positions)

Each of the positions are for a two-year term. The successful candidate for each position is determined by the votes from all eligible AgriTechNZ members, conducted online from 13 June – 27 June. The results will be announced at the Annual Meeting on 11 July 2023.

Nominees for the above positions must be:

All nominations must be submitted online by 5pm, Tuesday 30 May, 2023.

Government research institutes will now be able to nominate someone as part of the Other Corporate seat, noting that only a portion of their revenue comes direct from Government.

Appointed Seat Nominations

There is now an opportunity to put yourself forward or nominate someone else for a role on the AgriTechNZ Executive Council. These seats are appointed based on the skills, experience and background that complement and enhance the Executive Council.

  • Independent appointed seat (1 position)
  • Iwi Representative appointed seat (1 position)
  • Farmer/Practitioner appointed seat (1 position)

These positions are for a one-year term. The nominee may be from a member or non-member organisation. Following the Annual Meeting, these roles will be appointed at the first Executive Council. The Executive Council will review all nominations and select candidates that best fill the role to provide representation and diversity. Candidates will be contacted by email.

You can view position descriptions for these roles here.

All nominations must be submitted online by 5pm, Tuesday 06 June, 2023.

AgriTechNZ Executive Council roles and responsibilities include:

  • Direct and supervise the business and affairs of AgriTechNZ.
  • Attend monthly Executive Council meetings, usually two hours in duration (video conferencing available).
  • Represent AgriTechNZ at industry events and as part of delegations.
  • Assist with managing and securing members of AgriTechNZ.
  • Participate in AgriTechNZ working groups and projects.
  • Where agreed by the Executive Council, act as a spokesperson for AgriTechNZ on particular issues relating to working groups or projects.
  • Be a vocal advocate of AgriTechNZ.

Online Voting for Elected seats

Voting will take place online in advance of the meeting. The results will be announced at the Annual Meeting. Please see the Charter for an outline of Executive Council Membership and election process. Each organisation has one vote allocated to the primary contact of the member organisation.

Annual Meeting Details

The Annual Meeting is scheduled for 3pm, Tuesday 11 July 2023 and is to be held via video conference. This is a member only event.

Meet the Candidates Webinar

Join us for the Meet the Candidates webinar scheduled for 9am, Thursday 22nd June, 2023 to be held via video conference. This is a member only event.

Notices and Remits

If you wish to propose any notices or motions to be considered at the Annual Meeting, please send them to by 5pm, Tuesday 14 June, 2022.

Key Dates:

  • Tuesday 16 May, 2023: Call for nominations for Executive Council representatives issued to members.
  • Tuesday 6 June 2023: Nominations close.
  • Tuesday 13 June 2023: List of nominees to be issued to AgriTechNZ voting members and electronic voting commences.
  • Tuesday 20 June 2023: Any proposed notices, motions or remits to be advised to AgriTechNZ.
  • Tuesday 11 July 2023: Results of online voting announced at Annual Meeting.
Agritech New Zealand Agritech New Zealand is an association of organisations and individuals that have come together to lead a programme of work, taking a key role in growing our country’s capability to maximise the opportunities enabled by agritech and address any challenges.