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Ethics and inclusion – building trust for Digital ID Services

Kia ora e te whānau

Trust is a fundamental component of human relationships. There are many ways to define trust, often depending on whether the relationship is personal or professional. One definition which resonates with me comes from leading expert on trust in the modern world, Rachel Botsman, who said ‘trust is a confident relationship with the unknown’. It means trust is key to giving people the confidence to try new things, from new technology to systems and processes. Earning trust is continuous, not a one-time thing.

Recent DINZ research reveals that New Zealanders are nervous about digital ID and feel they do not have sufficient understanding of these services to truly assess the impact on their privacy, legal rights and freedoms. It’s within this trust gap that digital ID service providers and legislators may find an opportunity to build trust into digital systems, which would then bridge the gap that enables people to move into the unknown with confidence.

Ethics and inclusion are the foundations of building that trust bridge in a digital environment, as they can create a virtuous cycle in which user trust leads to increased adoption and usage. These two principles should be at the heart of all phases of digital ID development, including governance and accountability frameworks, design, and implementation. Ethical considerations like privacy, security and informed consent can enable the creation of transparent and accountable systems that respect the rights of all users and build trust. Inclusion ensures that these services are accessible to all regardless of their background, abilities or circumstances.

In my capacity as DINZ Executive Councillor and Co-Chair of its Inclusive and Ethical Use of Digital Identity (IEUDI) working group I’d like to encourage those interested in our work to join and participate. We’re currently exploring strategies to shine the light on ethics and inclusion and ensure they are a key consideration of any digital identity legislation.

Angela Gill

DINZ Executive Councillor
(Head of Partner Relationships, Payments NZ)

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