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2023 the break out year for Digital Identity | June Newsletter


The emergence of verifiable credentials (VCs), has paved the way for secure and reliable digital identification and authentication. Today, we stand witness to a significant milestone as verifiable credentials have reached a level of maturity that enables their practical application in various real-world use cases. In New Zealand, the Digital Identity Services Trust Framework (DISTF) Bill passed earlier this year, setting the legal basis, and rightly creating an open accreditation scheme for service providers to proliferate the use of VCs and digital identity more broadly in our everyday lives. What an exciting time to be in digital identity in New Zealand! The on-the-ground mahi and fun starts now.

I’m of the opinion that the conditions are ripe for enterprises to forge ahead with real world applications and we’re already seeing some great success especially from our DINZ members. As part of this newsletter I thought I’d use this opportunity to highlight some great Kiwi trailblazers paving the way for digital identity proliferation, and give them a platform to shine.

MyMahi – Bringing inclusion to our young rangatahi

MyMahi a Palmerston North based company epitomises listening to their customers, starting out as an NCEA credit counter in 2014, and very quickly solving and iterating on their learner users challenges, becoming a learning pathway and journey platform. Building on their learner’s feedback, MyMahi has developed a verified digital student ID, breaking down barriers in inclusion for our youngest Kiwis. Most recently putting out a petition to parliament urging financial institutions to recognise verified digital identities helping bank our youngest New Zealanders. MyMahi creates equity and inclusion for our future generations through digital identity.

JNCTN – Keeping lives safe through trusted health & safety record keeping

JNCTN a Petone based company is blazing the trail in real world use of Verifiable Credentials, solving a pertinent problem of workforce health & safety record keeping assurance. Pen and paper methods of verifying health and safety records in high risk industries have been prolific, and pose existential risks to both workforce and employer. JNCTN’s credential management system allows for high assurance capture of workforce training and compliance records, assuring every worker that enters a high risk worksite not only the evidence of training, but the assurance that they have the practical training to respond. JNCTN saves lives through verifiable credentials.

These are just two wonderful DINZ members taking a lead in the world of digital identity, and from my personal interactions with organisations both large and small, 2023 will be a breakout year for digital identity, so watch this space and Kia Kaha!

Justin Soong

DINZ Executive Council Member (

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