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Opportunities and challenges for web3 based businesses


There’s been a few changes over at BlockchainNZ. We recently said our farewells and well-wishes to our long-standing executive council chair, Bryan Ventura, as he pursues new ventures. I want to thank Bryan for bringing such a depth of knowledge of the blockchain and FinTech space and for helping us turn BlockchainNZ into what it is today. However, we are pleased to announce that Sorel Carr, Head of FinTech Business at BNZ, has taken on the role as Chair of BlockchainNZ. Sorel has already hit the ground running working alongside the team to keep the momentum of all our recent achievements going. 

I’m also thrilled to share some exciting news about our partnership with Callaghan Innovation’Web3NZ, marking a milestone for us as we look to address significant issues faced by decentralised and web3 based businesses.

In an ever-evolving digital world, we recognise the potential for innovation that web3 businesses offer. Together with Web3NZ, we’re working on big plans to resolve banking issues that have challenged this segment of our industry. Our goal is nothing short of making New Zealand the leader of the pack in providing robust support for these cutting-edge companies.

In line with this ambitious endeavour, we are developing a report that delves into the heart of the debanking issues. It will explore the challenges and risks faced by web3 businesses, with the aim of providing actionable solutions that allow us to move forward, both collectively and individually.

As we continue to pioneer, I am pleased to acknowledge a significant milestone for our partners, Callaghan Innovation. Monday night marked their 10th anniversary event, hosted in Wellington at the Beehive, and it was nothing short of spectacular. Hundreds turned out in their finest cocktail attire to celebrate a decade of innovation.

The Web3 Partnership: Stefan KornKevin WhitmoreMichelle ColeAlison MackieSarah Sun

A highlight of the evening was the announcement of 16 trailblazing companies that were named as part of Sir Paul Callaghan’s 100 Report. Among them were our friends at Easy Crypto and Futureverse. Their recognition further emphasises that blockchain businesses are not just on the fringe, but a noteworthy part of our growing industry. A heartfelt congratulations to both teams!

Looking ahead, I am committed to better understanding how we can set more effective regulatory and compliance frameworks to foster a thriving web3 hub. My itinerary for the next few months includes several trips back to Wellington, where I’ll be meeting with our government agencies to discuss these matters in depth.

Next month, I’ll be off to Sydney to explore the Australian market at the Digital Asset Conference and reconnecting with old friends. My aim is to gather valuable insights and potentially new collaborations across APAC to further strengthen our vibrant tech community. 

Finally, I encourage everyone to stay in touch. If you have any ideas, concerns, or simply fancy a coffee, my emails are always open. I’d love to hear from you, and together we can shape a brighter future for our industry.

Ngā mihi nui,

Alison Mackie
BlockchainNZ Executive Director

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