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NZTech Inform – Cyber risk spotlight

Kia ora,

Cybersecurity is more important than ever before! In CERT’s latest report they have seen a 12 percent increase in incident report numbers. This includes an increase in scam reports (up 23 percent from last year) and financial loss (up 66 percent to almost $6m). Aside from investment and romance scams, credential harvesting, phishing and malware, the latest threat is AI. For example, AI text generators can be used during live chat for more realistic scripts in multiple languages. 

“Overall, the AI tools available to scammers haven’t yet significantly changed the mechanics of scams, but they have made the lives of scammers easier by simplifying some of the work required to create and run a scam. The tools at their disposal mean attackers can quickly create more believable online content,” the report says.

In our increasingly digital world, the cyber threat landscape is also evolving. What are today’s critical threats that will impact an organisation’s cyber resilience?

For the last nine years, we have hosted the annual National Cyber Security Summit in Wellington. This year, due to increasing demand, we are launching a new cyber conference to complement this event, the inaugural Cyber Security Risk Summit in Auckland.

We’re focusing on practice, defence and leadership. We will explore the latest risks and trends, the role of AI in managing vulnerabilities, plus the anatomy of a breach to ensure you’re ready. This high-level one day summit complements our national conversation, so please join us on 11 September. Read more. 

Plus, join the Digital Trust Hui Taumata on 1 August in Wellington. This year, new legislation will define the rules for the delivery of digital identity services. If you’re keen to explore this area more, read this quick guide: Digital Trust 101

Our Annual General Meeting is coming up, which means election season is upon us. We are currently seeking NZTech Board nominations. If you haven’t already received an email about this, please learn more here.

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Read full news here: NZTech Inform – Cyber risk spotlight

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