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NZTech Inform – Digital Skills for Tomorrow, Today

Kia ora,

We’re delighted to launch the latest edition of Digital Skills Aotearoa: Digital Skills for Tomorrow, Today.

Our third edition issues an urgent call to industry and Government to collaborate now and equip Aotearoa New Zealand’s workforce with skills for the digital age. It addresses the causes of the skills gap, nurturing talent and fostering lifelong learning. 

The report closely examines our demand and supply mismatch, where the greatest unmet demand is for senior workers with specific advanced digital skills and experience. Digital Skills Aotearoa also forecasts our future demand, identifying challenges and supply opportunities.

Globally, demand for people with advanced digital skills continues to grow, with governments and industry keenly aware of the need to fill the skills gaps. Meanwhile, New Zealand faces three specific challenges – a struggle to fill advanced digital roles that require experience and specific skill, challenges placing early-career tech workers into industry roles and inspiring more rangatahi to consider tech. The research also reinforces the challenges and highlights their complexity. 

To enable Aotearoa’s future, the report provides several recommendations. These include a collective response to our digital skills challenge, leadership from our largest employer and the need for industry to prioritise collaborative efforts to address the issue.

In summary, to confidently address our skills issue will require systemic changes at such a scale that it will be impossible unless the tech industry and the Government, our largest employer undertake a more collaborative and aligned approach with the government. Our collective response needs to mature rapidly, requires leadership and must be prioritised.

The biggest takeaway from the report to ensure New Zealand’s digital future is the urgent need for collective action and investment. 

Ngā mihi nui

Graeme Muller


PS: If you haven’t already, please register to join our online AGM on Wednesday at 4pm. Our Chair, Delphine and I will be previewing the year ahead and announcing this year’s successful candidates.

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