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EdTechNZ Annual Survey 2023 – Key Findings and Insights

This report presents the findings of the 2023 EdTechNZ Annual Survey conducted among 60+ EdTech companies in Aotearoa. 

The objective of the survey is to gauage the landscape of the EdTech industry, covering facets such as location, employee count, revenue streams, export statistics, and market focus. 

The data highlights areas for potential growth and pinpoints the challenges faced by the sector. 

Highlights from the report:

– 74% EdTech companies export their product or service
– 46% of EdTech companies earn 95-100% of their annual revenue from exporting
– 55% of EdTechs focus on Knowledge and Content* (*based on the HolonIQ Taxonomy) 
– 24% of EdTechs focus on k-12 learners

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This report is supported by Education New Zealand:

EdTechNZ EdTechNZ is the voice of EdTech in New Zealand, supporting the growth of the sector. Our purpose is to drive the creative use of technology, inside and outside the classroom, for better student outcomes. We aim to facilitate a world class education system for all New Zealanders and showcase local EdTech to the world.