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2024 is IoT’s time to shine! | February Newsletter

Kia ora,

Welcome to 2024! If 2023 was all about the leaps in generative AI, this year, we’re setting the stage for IoT to shine. At the close of 2023, the New Zealand IoT Alliance team crafted a strategy to help build a more connected Aotearoa. Our goal is simple: use IoT to promote sustainability, comply with regulations, and enhance societal benefits. With smarter, data-driven decisions, we can achieve a more sustainable, compliant, and socially beneficial IoT ecosystem.

This year kicks off with a webinar from our Cities Working Group, exploring “Climate Adaptation: Transforming Urban Environments with IoT”. Join us to delve into sustainable strategies and IoT’s role in urban climate adaptation, drawing on experiences from NZIoTA members. You can find out more and register here.

You may have already seen the introduction of Apple’s Vision Pro is set to bring IoT into the mainstream, with its accessible AR capabilities. This shows how IoT can improve daily life, making tech interactions more natural and boosting adoption in various fields. As Vision Pro leads the way, it encourages wider acceptance of IoT and sensors, driving innovation and connectivity everywhere. This move into the mainstream is a big step for the IoT industry, sparking fresh innovation and connections. We’re excited to give it a try!

We encourage you to dive deeper into the possibilities with IoT Alliance, whether by joining as a member, volunteering as a speaker at our next event, or engaging with our initiatives. Let’s collectively shape a future that mirrors our shared aspirations for a better, more sustainable, and inclusive New Zealand. Keen to get involved? Reach out to our team. Together, let’s explore the vast potential of IoT and its transformative impact on our world.

Ngā mihi 
Alison Mackie
Executive Director 
NZ IoT Alliance

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