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Welcome to 2024! I hope everyone had a good break and you are all ready for another busy year.  

The BioTechNZ team is gearing up for our 2024 Life Sciences Summit – True science, real change. Animal health, biosecurity, genomics, sustainability and more. We can’t wait to showcase everything biotech. If you haven’t already checked out our programme, view it here and meet our latest speakers.

Please note there are additional activities before and after our Summit. These provide a special opportunity to explore Wellington’s biotech landscape. Come along and listen to our Wellington companies telling their story of how the city’s uniqueness has been an integral part of building a distinctive technology company. It will be a rapid fire, engaging event – no slides, no ‘thank you speeches’, just stories. Register here for our Only in Wellington Touchdown Event on Sunday 10 March at 5pm.

Then, extend your experience with our Innovation and Discovery Tour on Wednesday 13 March. In collaboration with Callaghan Innovation explore Gracefield Innovation Quarter, home to leading researchers and scientists. Plus, explore The Malaghan Institute, a world-class biomedical research charity specialising in immunology and immunotherapy. Tickets are strictly limited! Register for the Life Science Summit and you’ll receive an invitation to attend. Read more.

Future of industrial classifications

What are your views on shaping the future of industrial classifications in Aotearoa New Zealand? Currently, data is easy to access, however the existing categories make it impossible to extrapolate any data of value for the biotech sector. Please contact us by 1 April with your contributions for our submission.

BioTechNZ Media

Keep an eye out in the media as we share our key messages including how biotech is not a panacea, but a highly valuable  tool working with other technologies to help create solutions for some of today’s most pressing global challenges.

Modern biotechnology has not been researched and trialled in New Zealand. Once we have ‘fit for purpose’ regulations, our local sector will be primed to catch up with the rest of the world’s innovations. Plus, well planned infrastructure funding, attracting and retaining talent and articulating the benefits of biotech.

In case you missed it, read our commentary on the future of our sector, and our urgent call to the Government.

Explore everything biotech

Welcome to 2024! I hope everyone had a good break and you are all ready for another busy year.  

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