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Farewell from our Executive Director | May Newsletter

Over the past three years, I’ve had the privilege of working alongside some of the finest in the tech industry, contributing alongside our members to the acceleration of IoT innovation here in Aotearoa. However, it is with mixed emotions to announce my resignation as Executive Director of NZ IoT Alliance and BlockchainNZ. A special thank you to Kriv Naicker, Chair of the NZ IoT Alliance, for his invaluable guidance and trust throughout this journey, and an extended thank you to the Executive Council members who have served throughout my time. While stepping away is bittersweet, I am excited to embrace new adventures and enjoy some well-deserved travelling! Here’s to new beginnings and the exciting opportunities ahead.

One of the highlights of my role has always been Techweek, and I’m pleased to report that we concluded on a high note with our recent collaboration with Chorus. Last week, we hosted the Techweek24 webinar, “Fireside Chat: Exploring Fibre and IoT Integration,” featuring myself, Kriv Naicker, and Theresa Corballis. Together, we delved into Chorus’ latest report, “Solving Problems with Fibre-Enabled IoT.” During this session, we discussed how fibre technology is not only transforming IoT applications, but also enhancing public services and boosting operational efficiencies across New Zealand. This conversation highlighted the potential $2.2 billion economic benefit for our country, showcasing the crucial roles of advanced technologies like cloud solutions, edge computing, and generative AI. Catch up on the webinar here and be sure to get a hold of the whitepaper here

Looking to the future, the IoT landscape has never been more exciting, particularly with its increasingly seamless integration with other horizontal technologies such as AI. I’ve often likened IoT to the five human senses – crucial for gathering data about the world around us. Just as our senses need a brain to interpret and understand that data, AI plays this crucial role in the data story, providing context, analysis and meaning. This synergy transforms raw data into actionable insights, making our current technological era the foundation of the next wave of innovation only thought of in futuristic sci-fi movies. Together, IoT and AI complete a holistic puzzle, essential for driving forward our understanding and interaction with technology and the world around us. 

As I start my new story, I’m excited to see how these advancements continue to weave together and how NZ IoT Alliance continues to be the metaphorical heart of the data story in Aotearoa.

Farewell from our Executive Director | May Newsletter

Looking to the future, the IoT landscape has never been more exciting.

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