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Market Measures 2018 survey

Market Measures benchmarks the sales and marketing activity of New Zealand’s technology companies, providing you with useful information for planning your sales and marketing strategies. To find out more about Market Measures and to view past years’ reports and resources click here. By participating in the study you can compare your company’s performance against your … Continue reading "Market Measures 2018 survey"
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We’re hiring! Techweek’19 Partnerships Manager wanted

Role for an experienced Partnership Manager to secure sponsorships and create partnerships with organisations in the New Zealand technology ecosystem to support the delivery and growth of the annual Techweek festival. Our vision is for New Zealand to be globally recognised as a beautiful country where world-leading solutions are born.  It’s not just about showcasing … Continue reading "We’re hiring! Techweek’19 Partnerships Manager wanted"
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NZTech reports phenomenal annual growth

NZTech, the national non-governmental, not-for-profit organisation for tech, has reported phenomenal growth of the New Zealand tech ecosystem in the last 12 months. At last night’s annual meeting in Auckland, chair Mitchell Pham said NZTech now has an alliance of 20 tech communities and more than 800 organisations across the New Zealand technology landscape who … Continue reading "NZTech reports phenomenal annual growth"

NZTech Update – Igniting the future with digital readiness

I think it’s time to have another rant about education!  Recently, I have been to meetings and events where a recurring theme has emerged – the looming skills shortage.  Just last week at the Woodflow Conference, I was asked how organisations can help their staff learn new skills on this digital journey. Are schools teaching kids … Continue reading "NZTech Update – Igniting the future with digital readiness"
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Tech sector continues to expand and accelerate growth across NZ economy

Ahead of our AGM, I am delighted to report another year of phenomenal growth of the New Zealand tech ecosystem and our engagement across the wider economy.  NZTech continues to connect, promote and advance the entire ecosystem. We continue to deliver even more events, delegations and summits.  Our membership has expanded beyond traditional tech firms, … Continue reading "Tech sector continues to expand and accelerate growth across NZ economy"
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NZ will be less competitive with less government R&D support

Hundreds of fledgling New Zealand tech companies will feel the pinch if stimulating research and development grants are replaced with tax credits, NZTech chief executive Graeme Muller says. Muller says tax credits have a place but New Zealand needs to be as competitive as other countries if it wants a faster growing economy.
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Seeking NZTech Board Nominations

Our Annual General Meeting (AGM) is coming soon and that means election season is now upon us! NZTech is the voice of the organisations that are redefining the world we live in. NZTech’s vision is a prosperous New Zealand, underpinned by technology. Our purpose is to connect, promote and advance the use of technology to … Continue reading "Seeking NZTech Board Nominations"