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The New Zealand Tech Alliance is a group of independent technology associations from across New Zealand that work together to ensure a strong voice for technology.

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Events are on

We will deliver events either in a live or virtual format so you can continue to connect, share and innovate.

Safe Event – Book & Attend With Confidence

Our commitment is to your safety. When we can safely run live events and courses our preference is to do that. Live events will also be live streamed meaning you can choose to attend virtually if you prefer or are unwell.

When we are unable to safely deliver a live event it will be delivered as a fully virtual event, using our virtual event technology, to ensure delegates still have a great experience. Either way, your booking investment is secure, delivering you the promised event.

Agendas Updated

Our events deliver the content we promise. Where the event shifts between live and online small format changes may occur.


Most of our events in are also live-streamed and available on-demand for delegates to view, either live and later. We understand that attendance may not be an option, but you can still attend via live-stream and get all the value through remote attendance. The choice is yours.

As times are changing.. So are our events
COVID specific responses

These responses are being continually reviewed in line with government advice and industry best practice.


It is recommended to keep 1m distance from people you don’t know. Attendees are advised to keep their same seat for the duration of the event.


We work with our venues and suppliers to ensure that they are safe and continue to adhere to the strictest of hygiene standards.

Healthy & Well

All attendees are to practice good hygiene and sanitisation, and be healthy and well in attending the live event.


Mask are mandatory at all times except when eating or drinking. We will have a supply of surgical masks on hand if you need a replacement mask at any time.

Catering & Food

Please practice good hygiene at food service.

The event is on!

With all of the uncertainty, it’s great to know that the event you’ve registered on will go ahead, unaffected by whatever may be happening in the world of COVID. When we can safely run live events, our preference is to do that. When we are unable to safely deliver a live event it will be delivered online using our virtual event technology.

Thank you

Thank you for your continued support. Our purpose is to connect, promote and advance tech ecosystems and to help the economy grow to create a prosperous digital nation.

Thank you also to our fabulous speakers, sponsors and suppliers and the amazing venues across New Zealand for their support.