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NZ Tech Story

The New Zealand Tech and Innovation Story, See Tomorrow First, is a marketing initiative created to present a compelling, consistent message that we can use to showcase and promote our amazing tech companies globally. It was developed and tested with input from hundreds of NZ tech businesses (domestically and internationally) alongside government.

The purpose of sharing our Tech Story with the world is to build New Zealand’s reputation as a hi-tech nation in order to grow our tech exports, attract investment and talent, and inspire the next generation.

 As well as an offshore awareness-building campaign, the See Tomorrow First initiative includes a suite of free sales and marketing tools the whole tech ecosystem can use to align your messaging with the national story, and support your own offshore marketing activities.


So what is the story?

It’s not about what we make, but how we make it. Our Tech Story is about the values New Zealanders bring to creating technology: We feel a responsibility to create a tomorrow future generations will thrive in, to use tech to make tomorrow better than today. Our industry is making the kind of tech that will create a better tomorrow. In short, we ‘see tomorrow first.’ 

We know from international testing that this message resonates with our target audience offshore. The See Tomorrow First initiative is an opportunity to lean into that message to facilitate the continued growth of the NZ Tech Sector. 


We encourage you to use the See Tomorrow First messaging and tools to align your marketing activities with the national Tech Story. This will enable you to leverage the offshore campaign, and contribute to a broad halo effect that will benefit the entire sector. 

The way you use the tools will be dependent on your business needs. It could be as simple as including the See Tomorrow First logo in your pitch decks, incorporating some of the messaging into your elevator pitch, or using the hashtag #seetomorrowfirst when posting online. 

Here are a few ways you can make use of the toolkit

These are just a few ideas to get you started. The See Tomorrow First brand has been created to be flexible enough to sit alongside your brand and support your own tech story. If you would like further guidance on how to use the assets, please get in touch with the Tech Story team >


Over the next two years, NZTE will be activating the Tech Story in key offshore markets, to grow awareness about our NZ tech solutions, and we want the whole tech ecosystem to come along for the ride.

The Tech Story is your story. It’s a long term project, and one we will continue to iterate based on feedback. It was created to promote the tech sector, and also to be used by you for your own promotional purposes. The Tech Story assets and image library will continue to grow and change based on your business growth needs.

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