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The New Zealand Tech Alliance is a group of independent technology associations from across New Zealand that work together to ensure a strong voice for technology.

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NZTech will make submissions to Government where relevant, to help advance the understanding and use of technology in New Zealand, to advance the tech sector and to achieve the organisation’s purpose of helping create a more socially and economically prosperous New Zealand underpinned by technology.

If you would like to propose NZTech make a submission, let us know what the submission would relate to and the key points you would like to see raised and the NZTech Board will review your proposal.

Our Submissions

Climate Disclosures Framework (review of draft framework)July-Sept 2022Have your say
Climate Disclosures Framework (strategy, metrics and targets)1 March 2022Have your say
Te Ara Paerangi – Future pathways – Green Paper2 March 2022Have your say
Code of Practice for Online Safety and Harms2 Feb 2022Have your say
Tax admin in a digital world – Green PaperHave your say
Productivity Commission – Immigration24 Dec 2021Submission
AI Forum Submission – Data and Statistics Bill21 Dec 2021Submission
NZTech Submission – Data and Statistics Bill21 Dec 2021Submission
Waste Reduction Strategy10 Dec 2021Submission
Pae Ora (healthy Futures) Bill9 Dec 2021Submission
Future of Money (CBDC) – issues paper6 Dec 2021Submission
AML/CFT Review3 Dec 2021Submission
Definitions for gene technology and new breeding techniques 3 Dec 2021Submission
LocationTech – Civil Aviation Bill2 Dec 2021Submission
NZTech Submission – Civil Aviation Bill2 Dec 2021Submission
Digital Identity Trust Framework Bill2 Dec 2021Submission
Emissions Reduction Plan24 Nov 2021Submission
Climate Disclosures Framework (Gov & risk)22 Nov 2021Submission
Electricity Industry Amendment Bill22 Nov 2021Submission
FinTechNZ Submission – Towards a Digital Strategy for Aotearoa10 Nov 2021Submission
AI Forum Submission – Towards a Digital Strategy for Aotearoa10 Nov 2021Submission
NZTech Submission – Towards a Digital Strategy for Aotearoa10 Nov 2021Submission
Joint Digital Technology Industry Submission to the Digital Strategy for Aotearoa8 Nov 2021Submission
Hazardous Substances and New Organisms Amendment Bill18 Oct 2021Submission
Hi-Tech Award Submission 202111 April 2021Submission
Water Services Bill2 March 2021Submission
Work Development Council Consultation Response11 Feb 2021Submission
Reserve Bank of New Zealand Bill4 Feb 2021Submission
Strengthening Languages28 Jan 2021Submission
Algorithm Charter – feedback from the AI Forum3 Feb 2020Submission
Research and Development Tax Credit Legislation3 Sept 2019Submission
Productivity Commission – Future of Work4 June 2019Submission
Statistics NZ – Legislative Review13 Nov 2018Submission
New Zealand Copyright Review31 Oct 2018Submission