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Blockchain critical for New Zealand’s digital future

The not-for-profit, BlockchainNZ, is calling for any future Government to ensure they focus on supporting the development and growth of blockchain to contribute to the prosperity of New Zealand.

In their recently released manifesto, the New Zealand blockchain ecosystem seeks to remind Government of the importance of the opportunities enabled by blockchain technology.

“Blockchain technology is more than just cryptocurrencies. It’s a decentralised ledger system that is the foundation of Web3, the next generation of the internet where users have true ownership of their digital assets and identity online,”

says BlockchainNZ Executive Director Alison Mackie. 

“It’s great that the Government is currently investigating the cryptocurrency and digital assets scene and making efforts to understand its future impact and potential. It’s a step in the right direction and we have 22 recommendations from a recent inquiry on the table. Now is the time to make sure we don’t miss theboat on establishing sound regulatory frameworks that not only support innovation but also protect consumers.”

“From a recent report, it was noted that the average salary within the blockchain and Web3 industry is $147,000 – it shows we’re talking about high-skilled and high-wage jobs that have unlimited export opportunities that could truly benefit our economy.”

“Our manifesto outlines three key areas to enable such an environment – education, growing exports, and lifting productivity.”

The manifesto calls for increased focus on supporting the use of blockchain to transform the economy, lift the performance of New Zealand industries and create high-value jobs.

BlockchainNZ is an association of organisations and individuals that represents the rapidly emerging business sectors being built using blockchain technology. BlockchainNZ is part of NZTech.

BlockchainNZ We provide New Zealand businesses and individuals opportunities for connecting, promoting and advancing in all things blockchain, crypto and decentralisation. We believe that by working together and leveraging our globally recognised brand of trust and integrity, New Zealand can become a key player in the move to a decentralised global ecosystem.