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The New Zealand Tech Alliance is a group of independent technology associations from across New Zealand that work together to ensure a strong voice for technology.

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We help to advance the foundations for a successful digital nation including education, connectivity, cybersecurity, digital access and trade. Our research explores the opportunities and impact that technology offers New Zealand.

Briefing Papers

Incoming Minister Briefing

Working together to help create a safer, more equitable, sustainable and prosperous Aotearoa New Zealand underpinned by good technology. This NZTech briefing paper for incoming Ministers provides a high-level aggregation of the various interactions the NZTech Group currently has across Government and highlights recommendations for action in the immediate and midterm.

Annual Reports

NZTech Annual Report 2023

Learn more about NZTech and how it supports the Aotearoa New Zealand tech ecosystem. Prepared by: NZTech – 16 August 2023


Draft Fisheries Industry Transformation Plan

NZTech support’s the Draft ITP’s goals of strengthening environmental performance, improving profitability and productivity, and supporting people and communities. Tech is vital to achieving these goals, and in particular ensuring that the fishing industry remains sustainable. Increasing use of tech and the industry’s constant drive for innovation highlights the need to focus on data standards … Continue reading "Draft Fisheries Industry Transformation Plan"


NZTech Submission | Privacy Regulation of Biometrics in Aotearoa New Zealand: Consultation Paper

NZTech wishes to thank the Office of the Privacy Commissioner (OPC) for the opportunity to submit on the Privacy regulation of biometrics in Aotearoa New Zealand: Consultation paper. The use of biometrics can greatly benefit organisations and individuals, providing greater convenience, efficiency and security. NZTech agrees with the need to protect people’s biometric information and … Continue reading "NZTech Submission | Privacy Regulation of Biometrics in Aotearoa New Zealand: Consultation Paper"

Annual Reports

NZTech ESG Report – August 2022

The NZTech Sustainability Sub-board has identified an international tool to help NZTech assess its climate impact. The Future-Fit Business Benchmark brings together a wealth of global research into a tool that enables businesses to assess and monitor not only their climate impact, but also their social impact. Using this online tool NZTech’s Board have assessed … Continue reading "NZTech ESG Report – August 2022"

nztech annual report 2022
Annual Reports

NZTech Annual Report 2022

Learn more about how NZTech supports the New Zealand tech ecosystem. Prepared by: NZTech – 10 August 2022

Briefing Papers

Creating collective impact

Discover NZTech’s origin story and its rise as a collective impact platform in The Evolution of NZTech report. The potential impact of technology is so broad it touches all parts of New Zealand’s economy and society.  Technology underpins the safety, security, health, environmental and economic wellbeing of all citizens.  As a result, it is critical for the … Continue reading "Creating collective impact"

Annual Reports

NZTech Annual Report – 2021

Learn more about how NZTech connects, promotes and advances the New Zealand tech sector.  Report prepared by: NZTech – 12 August 2021