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The New Zealand Tech Alliance is a group of independent technology associations from across New Zealand that work together to ensure a strong voice for technology.

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We help to advance the foundations for a successful digital nation including education, connectivity, cybersecurity, digital access and trade. Our research explores the opportunities and impact that technology offers New Zealand.

Digital Nation Series

Aotearoa EdTech Excellence

Aotearoa EdTech Excellence: Transforming educational experience, digital innovation, and economic outcomes This report outlines our kaupapa, our history, the present state of play, and the opportunities. It makes recommendations for the government and the industry to ensure that we equip our citizens – young and old alike – for the ever more rapidly changing future. It … Continue reading "Aotearoa EdTech Excellence"

Digital Nation Series

Enabling a Healthier Aotearoa New Zealand

A new report shows how digital health can improve more equitable access to health and disability services while growing a thriving export industry.  Hauora, Mauri Ora: Enabling a Healthier Aotearoa New Zealand published by New Zealand Health Information Technology (NZHIT), provides an updated analysis of the local digital health landscape.  In managing the risks and impacts … Continue reading "Enabling a Healthier Aotearoa New Zealand"

Digital Nation Series

Digital Skills For Our Digital Future

Explore New Zealand’s digital skills landscape with this updated analysis.  For the first time ever, data from our Digital Skills Survey has been aggregated across the entire digital skills pipeline, from school to tertiary education, from education to employment, from within the market and from immigration.   The research found system wide challenges requiring urgent national attention … Continue reading "Digital Skills For Our Digital Future"

Digital Nation Series

Innovating for a Sustainable Future

Global megatrends including climate change, overuse of natural resources, water shortages, increasing dependence on fossil fuels, population growth and related healthcare needs are impacting the entire world. These trends are dramatically impacting all economies, driving demand for technologies, including biotechnology, to help mitigate these challenges. Biotechnology specifically, has been identified as critical in finding innovative … Continue reading "Innovating for a Sustainable Future"

Digital Nation Series

Aotearoa Agritech Unleashed

Better uptake of agritech across New Zealand farms could be worth $17B, says new report, Aotearoa Agritech Unleashed. Explore the local agritech landscape and discover the economic opportunity. Plus, driving productivity & sustainability.

Digital Nation Series

Artificial Intelligence for Financial and Insurance Services in New Zealand

Ahumoni me te Inihua i te Atamai Iahiko This report examines the New Zealand financial services, banking and insurance sectors, which are currently experiencing significant transformation.   Already, AI-enabled improvements are proving valuable and creating relatively rapid returns on investment.  AI-driven technologies will be critical to the industry’s reinvention in creating simple, transparent and personalised … Continue reading "Artificial Intelligence for Financial and Insurance Services in New Zealand"

Digital Nation Series

Artificial Intelligence for Agriculture in New Zealand

Ahuwhenua i te Atamai Iahiko This report examines the New Zealand and international AI industry landscapes for agriculture and investigates AI’s potential impacts for New Zealand’s place in the global food value chain. The research shows New Zealand urgently needs to increase its focus on the core foundations needed to operate in an AI enabled … Continue reading "Artificial Intelligence for Agriculture in New Zealand"

Digital Nation Series

Artificial Intelligence for Health in New Zealand

Hauora i te Atamai Iahiko The health sector in New Zealand is facing challenges. These include increasing demand, rising consumer expectations, and the pressures of an ageing population. These factors are straining the health workforce, increasing costs and limiting access to care. The AI Forum’s latest research report describes how AI promises to bring significant … Continue reading "Artificial Intelligence for Health in New Zealand"